Monday, December 04, 2006

Dim Sum in Mississauga :: Happy Garden

A while back, I wrote about the great dim sum at the Mississauga Chinese Centre, on Dundas and Cawthra (see previous blog) . There are several great dim sum locations in Mississauga, and I am in the process of getting the contact details for as many as I can.

In the interim, here's another one to try: The Happy Garden Seafood Chinese Restaurant, in the Roseborough Centre (phone 905 826-6688) at the southeast corner of Creditview and Eglinton. As with the other dim sum restaurants, it's very busy on Sundays. I was there last weekend, and the line up at 1 p.m. was out to the street.

If you can, avoid arriving at any dim sum location over the noon hour. We've had the best luck at getting prompt seating when we time our meal for jsut before 11 a.m. Much later, around 4, can be less busy, but the offerings can be slimmer.

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