Friday, July 06, 2007

Mississauga :: Clouds of Summer

Last evening, I set out for a short walk to the park and lakeshore, since it had been a week or so since I had last gone that way, and I wanted to see what, if anything, had changed. Coming out from under the tree canopy part of the trail, I could see the setting sun behind the clouds.

A few minutes later, and accompanied by a scampering chipmunk, I took the second photo when the clouds again shifted.

Later that night, as I was watching the news, I was surprised to learn that those clouds were likely remnants of the heavy rains and thunderstorms earlier that day, just northeast and east of Toronto. Here, to the west of Toronto, it had been dry and mostly sunny.

These widely varied weather conditions within a fairly small geographic area always surprise me: Toronto could be having a day-long driving snowstorm (usually due to lake streamers), yet in Mississauga, only 20 km or so west, it will be bright and sunny. Snow? What snow?

It's supposed to get very hot the next few days. Would that the nearby lake was suitable for swimming!