Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Argentina - Chile Travel Deal from Intrepid

The Intrepid Travel newsletter arrived today, outlining some great travel deals for the coming season. But one trip -- the 13-day Patagonia trip to Argentina and Chile-- caught my attention. This travel deal is 'buy one trip and bring along a friend for half price.

But time is short -- this special travel deal ends on February 28 -- just a few days from now. If you want to see Chile (Santiago and Puerto Varas volcanoes in the Lake District, including the volcano in this picture) and take the fabulous ferry trip to from Chile's Lake District to Bariloche, then on to amazing Buenos Aires, Argentina, pop over to Intrepid Travel and check out the prices and itinerary.

Says Intrepid:
Travel overland from Santiago to Buenos Aires, taking in some awesome scenery and opportunities for outdoor sports along the way. Beginning in Chile's buzzing capital, this trip takes you through the volcanic landscapes of Puerto Varas, into the Lake District around Bariloche and finally ends in flamboyant Buenos Aires, where the party never stops. Get a taste of Patagonia on this action-packed adventure that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Right now, it's the end of summer in South America, and the weather is generally the best for travel: Sunny, warm and a full season of blooming plants on view. And in both countries, the grapes are being harvested as we speak!

When I traveled a similar route in South America, other than a bus trip to and from Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas, in Chile, I went by air. But when you travel by road (and ferries!), you have a chance to really see the country.

On Intrepid's Patagonian trip, group size is from 1-16 travelers. How cool would it be if there were only you and a few friends? It would be like you were on your own private tour!

The price seems right, too! Check out the details at Intrepid for rates from your country. This tour runs all year, but the half price friend special ends this weekend. A great deal for those of you who can pack and go!

For more information, see:
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