Thursday, January 31, 2008

Moose at Celestine Farms Alberta Canada

I love to take pictures of wildlife, but, as with hoar frost pictures (see previous post), I do not have any moose pictures. Friend Jen (also of the previous post) sent along these pictures of the moose at Celestine Farms, their Alberta (Canada) saskatoon farm, as well as the dates for the Berry School presentation she is to do next month. Thanks, Jen!

As you may have reasoned, these pictures were not taken during the winter, which since Christmas, has turned wickedly cold in parts of Canada.

Writes Jen:
The windchill this morning [Jan 28 2008] was -52C [minus 61F] and it is supposed to be that way tomorrow too! At the moment it is -30C [minus 22 F]. We only got 10 cm [4 inches] of snow but the wind -- she blew! The wind has died now though. Just cold now.

The date of the Berry School (when we will make out presentation about saskatoons) is February 22 and 23, 2008 (see Alberta Fruit site for details). Our presentation is 10:30 am on the 23rd. It takes place in Leduc and interested parties should check the web site (above).

On any given evening, this moose could be found lying down in the warm black earth of the garden casually munching on my Swiss Card, Lettuce, Kohlrabi and finally, Brussels Sprouts. The dog and moose-ling indulged in many a fine chase. The moose probably weighed 700-800 pounds by hunting season. Haven't seen him since.

The "he" comes from the goatee under his chin, which only male moose have. Fish and wildlife told me that, in this area, with the good feed available, a mother moose will very often have twins. Mother moose are, apparently, very casual parents, so if one of her babies doesn't want to cross a fence or otherwise gets separated from her, she will simply leave it. Thus this orphaned baby.