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Mississauga Canada Day Fireworks Events 2010

Update May 2012 : Fireworks in Port Credit are reserved for Canada Day; there are no fireworks displays at any other time.
 Fireworks Video posted at bottom this page.
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Mississauga is likely the only city in Canada to hold three separate Canada Day celebrations on July 1! The villages of Port Credit and Streetsville each hold a ceremony and fireworks, and other events, and the City of Mississauga is hosting its own fireworks and events near the Living Arts Centre / Civic Centre.

The Port Credit Canada Day Fireworks, Parade etc. at Memorial Park are called Paint the Town Red on Lakeshore Road near the bridge and lighthouse. See Waterfront Festival post for parking information, etc. as it applies to most Port Credit events. (According to the Paint the Town Red folks, for this event, Port Credit has an estimated 40 thousand visitors!)

Mississauga Living Arts Centre - Canada Day Event
The usual venue for City of Mississauga events is the large civic square but this year, due to renovations on the square, the Canada Day events are being held closer to the Living Arts Centre.

Canada Day Mississauga Event Times
Details for Canada Day City Centre times, and events such as a charity barbecue, Mississauga library book sale, sports zone and food courts can be found here. Some events are being hosted by Square One Shopping Centre and others by the City, and many other corporate sponsors.

Location Map Mississauga City Hall ~ Civic Centre
Details of various locations are found on the link above for city hall. See City Hall googlemap.

Civic Centre LAC (Livng Arts Centre) Kids Zone Canada Day
Magic, mini cars, face painting - should be a blast!

Road Closures around Civic Centre Mississauga Canada Day
Some City Centre streets will also close in the evening before for set up. Free transit is the way to GO!

Streetsville Canada Day Events Firewworks
Fireworks at Memorial Park in Streetsville. Note Port Credit has a Memorial Park too. Streetsville is Vic Johnson Memorial Park (googlemap).

Childrens activities in Streetsville (Mississauga) Canada Day
Thanks to a presentation by Streetsville BIA at Clarke Hall for passing on the information about their events. See BIA site for details.
Main Stage Events Canada Day Streetsville ON
Events on Main Stage for Streetsville.

Fireworks Canada Day 10 p.m. Streetsville
Vic Johnson Memorial Park Streetsville -not to be confused, but could be, with Memorial Park in Port Credit.

Don't forget there are Port Credit fireworks, and a  parade and events. This is where I'll be from morning to night! With free transit, and three celebrations in Mississauga this Thursday, you should be able to celebrate Canada Day somewhere in Mississauga!!

And if you know of any other cities holding more than two Canada Day Events, do let us know :-) !

Update July 2 2010 Mississauga Fireworks: Two Pictures Port Credit to Civic Centre

Here are two pictures of the fireworks last night in Mississauga: I took these shots from the 20th floor of a Port Credit apartment, without a tripod (don't have one yet :-) but promise to get one.

I include them here to show the Port Credit Memorial Park location and the view from here to the fireworks display at Civic Centre.

Fireworks Port Credit Mississauga Ontario Canada Day 2010
The large burst is Port Credit; the bright red flash on the Mississauga skyline is the fireworks show from city centre. New condos in that area blocked the full show from here in Port Credit. However, we had wonderful views of all the area fireworks - Streetsville, Clarkson, Oakville and private fireworks across Mississauga.

Port Credit Fireworks Canada Day 2010
I also took video, which is more reliable than hand-held stills. I was also trying out the 'fireworks' setting on my Canon (see details The shutter speed, as to be expected, is quite slow and a tripod is necessary, especially on an upper floor of a high-rise.

If you have friends who are on upper floors of Square One area condos, get them to invite you up for Canada Day next year. I think that no matter which direction they face, they can see fireworks somewhere in Mississauga or Toronto.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Festivals Ontario: Mississauga Waterfront Port Credit

The Mississauga Waterfront Festival in Port Credit has to be one of the top Ontario festivals, with concerts, midway with games of chance and rides, and lots of activities and events geared to children, and it is happening this weekend!

Here are some pictures from Friday night, of the midway and the harbour. Click on an image to enlarge, then click the Back button to return to this page.

Midway Rides Mississauga Waterfront Festival
The Waterfront Festival midway is set up on the north side of Lakeshore Road, next to the Port Credit library, which is currently closed for renovations. I took these pictures between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Friday evening.

Ferris Wheel Port Credit Library Mississauga
The views from the top of the ferris wheel will appeal to kids of all ages, with views up the Credit River and the tents of the Festival paid area where the concert stage is located. See link below for info page on admission costs to this paid area; there's no admission fee to the midway area. Cotton candy, anyone?

Lighthouse Port Credit Ontario
Landmark lighthouse is a beacon for visitors to get oriented; as long as you can spot the lighthouse, you know where you are. There are public washrooms located to the south side of the lighthouse, parking lot level. There's a Starbucks directly behind the lighthouse in this view, next to Helen's Fish and Chips.

Walkway under Lakeshore Road Port Credit Ontario
From the lighthouse, you can see the pedestrian walkway under Lakeshore Road that links Memorial Park and the marina at Snug Harbour on the east side of the Credit River (in the middle of this picture). The sidewalk to the left in the photo runs along Lakeshore Road bridge; The walkway to the right in the photo is for pedestrian traffic.

Boats Anchored Near Snug Harbour Restaurant Port Credit
On the east side of the river, Snug Harbour overlooks the marina, this summer weekend filled with gorgeous boats! From this view, go clockwise from bottom around marina to Snug Harbour, then continue around the restaurant (lovely patio area!) through J J Plaus Park to get to the pier.

Deep Lake Charter Fishing Boats Port Credit Harbour
l took this picture from the middle of the pedestrian walkway over the river, towards the lighthouse. These are the charter fishing boats at anchor here for the night. Walk towards this marina, continue left (south) to get to Saddington Park, hidden by the trees in the background.

Boats in Port Credit Harbour
Zodiak and kayaks heading up the Credit River from Lake Ontario past swans. Who has the right of way? The pier in the background is a favourite stroll for many visitors. That walkway is accessed in J J Plaus park, the area behind Snug Harbour restaurant.

  • For complete information for the Mississauga Waterfront Festival see the website: or call the hot line at 905-891-0002.
  • Where to park, how to get to Port Credit see previous MWF parking post.
Next party in Port Credit: Canada Day July 1 2010!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waterfront Festival Mississauga ~ Parking, Shuttle Bus, GO Train, a google Map, and some Pictures of the Port Credit Waterfront

Update Waterfront Festival 2012 Father's Day Weekend June 15, 16, 17 No shuttle buses this year, but parking areas as usual plus Taste of Port Credit.

It's here ! For Father's Day weekend! June 18, 19, 20 ! The Mississauga Waterfront Festival! In Port Credit (Ontario, Canada).

The MWF gets better and better, and this year promises to be fabulous!  Here are some pictures of Port Credit waterfront views and some tips on how to get to here and still be in a happy frame of mind to enjoy it all!

See some pictures of Memorial park and Port Credit waterfront area at the end of this post, but first, we have to get you here!

Free Shuttle Bus : Look for the A-frame signs
The easiest way to get to Port Credit this weekend is to take the free shuttle buses from several pick up points in Mississauga: Living Arts Centre, South Common Mall, Clarkson GO station (Clarkson Go shuttle will make an extra stop at Saddington Park and drop passengers off on Lake Street).

Shuttle Bus Hours of Operation:
  • Friday June 18 -- 7:00 p.m. -
  • Saturday June 19 --- 11:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.
  • Sunday June 20  -- 11:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Not only won't you have to worry about traffic and parking, you have a built in DD should you stop in at one of the many pubs and restaurants in this area.

I set up a googlemap (below) with the shuttle bus pick up points, and the GO stations in Port Credit and Clarkson. Have a look and see if this helps orient you.

GO Train
Take the GO train from Union or points east or from Oakville and points west to Port Credit Go station, then follow the crowd south and west to Memorial Park. See this post for more GO Transit info.

Drive and Park
If circumstances dictate that you must drive yourself to the Waterfront Festival, then here are some tips on finding where to park.

Parking in Port Credit is a challenge during festival times, so try to park away from the centre of the action around Snug Harbour restaurant and Memorial Park.

It well may be faster to park a few blocks away from Port Credit village and walk. And plan your route so you stay either east or west of the Credit River: Don't drive on Lakeshore through the village or across the Credit River bridge if you can avoid it. You can thank me later :-)

From the West (Clarkson, Lorne Park, Oakville)
  • Go east on Lakeshore Road West, then turn right (south) on Mississauga Road. Look for on-street parking, or try the Saddington Park lots.
  • Go east on Lakeshore Road West, then turn left (north) on Mississauga Road. Turn right on Front Street North (just before railway underpass) and look for on-street parking here on the west side of the Credit River. This is for early birds only :-)
Watch the No Parking sides of the street, and private drives.

From the east (Etobicoke, Toronto)
This is more of a challenge, as parking is at a premium in this end of the Village. Look for on-street parking on side streets, or along the waterfront south of Lakeshore and Hurontario. There are some paid lots here, but they fill fast.

Related / More information:

Google Map Shuttle Locations, Waterfront Festival Locations

View Mississauga Waterfront Festival Shuttle, GO Port Credit in a larger map

Here are some of the sights on Mississauga's Waterfront at Port Credit. See you there!

Lighthouse in Port Credit ~ Memorial Park
Lakeshore Road connects the landmark lighthouse on the west side to Memorial Park on the east; this green area will be a sea of tents, stages, vendors and fun!

Lakeshore Road Pedestrian Underpass Port Credit Harbour
There is a pedestrian walkway under the Lakeshore Road bridge on the east side of the Credit River. There is a pedestrian walkway over the Credit River from the lighthouse that connects you to this underpass, so you don't have to worry about crossing busy Lakeshore Road.

Saddinton Park at Credit River Port Credit Harbour
How peaceful it looks, when there's no Festival on! This is the east boundary of Saddington Park at Front Street South; Parking is towards the west boundary at Mississauga Road South.

Sailboards, Sailboats on Mississauga's Waterfront
This is the waterfront, so look for all types of boats and watercraft along Lake Ontario and the Credit River.
Kayaks and Charter Fishing Boat ~ Port Credit Mississauga
Early morning kayakers and one of the deep lake charter fishing boats cross hulls at the mouth of the Credit River. Look for charter fishing boats moored south of the Lighthouse.

Sunrise Waterfront Mississauga Lake Ontario
The calm before the festival storm: If you are here at 6 a.m., you'll be treated to these peaceful, colorful views of the marina, river and lake.

See more Port Credit, Mississauga picrtures, restaurants etc : Use the search box.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Filming in Port Credit Covert Affairs ~ Location Mississauga Ontario

There's another crew filming in Port Credit (Mississauga, Ontario,  Canada): Covert Affairs.

I finally found the time to find out the name of what was filming yesterday (Monday June 14). I'm not sure if they are still filming today as I haven't yet been out to look, but I'll take my camera when I go this afternoon, and, if the film crew trailers and telltale red cones are still there, I'll get some photos and post them here.

Yesterday the film cones, trailers etc were set up across from the Lighthouse on Lakeshore Road West (west side of the Credit River).

I also saw more trailers and cones set up one block south of Lakeshore Road East at Hurontario (near TEN Restaurant and Wine Bar).

The sign beside the trailers said Covert Affairs; This is what I found out about this film shoot:

Covert Affairs
is a television show that airs on the USA Network. There's a good read about this series online, posted by Danny Schechter, Author of The Crime Of Our Time and blogger in chief at Mediachannel.Org.

Schechter says:
 Defending America covertly has become an ongoing theme for one more TV series. 
Salute the flag and praise NBC (GE) for its latest effort to persuade the population to accept the kind of secret operations that now drive the war in Afghanistan. 
Their latest show is called "Covert Affairs" and airs on the patriotically branded USA Network.

Read his full article at

Information about the cast is posted on this site: and says in part about Covert Affairs (USA Network):

Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly, Beverly Hills Chihuahua) plays Annie Walker, a young CIA trainee.

Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty, Jake 2.0) plays Auggie Anderson, a CIA military intelligence agent.

Peter Gallagher (The O.C., American Beauty) plays Arthur, the formidable Director of Clandestine Services for the CIA.

Anne Dudek (House, Mad Men) plays a married mother of two and is and Annie's older sister.

Kari Matchett (Invasion) plays Joan, head of the CIA's Domestic Protection Division who happens to be married to Arthur.

From Universal Cable Productions, Covert Affairs is executive produced by Doug Liman (the Bourne trilogy, Heist) and Dave Bartis (The O.C.) through Dutch Oven and written and co-executive produced by Matt Corman (Deck the Halls) and Chris Ord (Deck the Halls).

Tim Matheson (USA's Burn Notice and Psych, Criminal Minds) directed the pilot for Covert Affairs (USA Network).

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Lost Girl
That Russel Girl

Okay I am outta here - if the crew is still filming, I'll get some pics!
Update: This is the last day Covert Affairs is filming in Port Credit. Here are a few pictures I took this afternoon.

Sign Hurontario and Lakeshore Road East across from TEN Restaurant

Signs Lakeshore Road West across from Lighthouse in Port Credit

Trailers parked along Front Street North in Port Credit ON

'Annie Walker' Covert Affairs Trailer ~ Port Credit Ontario

Canadian Legion Port Credit
The Legion on Front Street is a natural location for feeding a lot of people. Judging by the number of trailers, there were a lot of them.

As I followed the cones up Hurontario towards Mineola, I noticed that this was not a second location this day for Covert Affairs, but rather a base camp for Lost Girl at Port Credit Secondary School.

NB: Port Credit is part of the City of Mississauga; This weekend, it hosts the annual Waterfront Festival. Come party with us!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Boating Mississauga ~ Port Credit Harbour Lake Ontario Mississauga

Kayaks, tankers, sailboats, Coast Guard vessel, Zodiak, Dragon Boat and a helicopter: The view at the mouth of the Credit River at Lake Ontario at Port Credit is an ever-changing panorama, as varied as the types of watercraft!

Here are my pictures taken over the course of one day. [Click to enlarge; Back to return]

Credit River Meets Lake Ontario in Port Credit
The view from the west: Boats docked at the Port Credit Harbour Marina, the breakwater tanker Ridgetown, a dragon boat and sailboats on Lake Ontario.  You can see by the list of the sailboats that a brisk wind was blowing this afternoon.

Dragon Boat ~ Ridgetown Tanker ~ Sailboats Lake Ontario
The Laker Ridgetown, built by Chicago Shipbuilding, was sunk as breakwater at Port Credit June 21, 1974 [date not confirmed]. The dragon boats paddle out of the Mississauga Canoe Club, which is hosting the 7th Annual Mississauga Dragon Boat Festival this Sunday, June 13 right here at the mouth of the Credit River in Port Credit.

Port Credit Harbour Marina ~ Boating in Mississauga Ontario
 There are two marinas in Port Credit, located at the mouth of the Credit River. The Port Credit Harbour Marina is at 1 Port St. East, south of the Waterside Inn; the Credit Village Marina at 12 Stavebank Rd. South, between the lighthouse and Snug Harbour restaurant, is operated by the City of Mississauga.

Canadian Coast Guard Vessel Caribou Isle
The CCGS Caribou Isle was in the harbour, and patrolling along the waterfront at Saddington Park (map, trail this post).

Peel Regional Police Zodiak off Saddington Park Mississauga Ontario
The Peel Police Marine Unit patrols Lake Ontario between Marie Curtis Park (Etobicoke Creek) to the east and Joshua Creek on the west. The larger ship was also in the harbour area this day, but I didn't get the photo.

Kayaker ? No. Outrigger Canoe * on Credit River Mississauga Ontario
I find the best time to see kayaks on the Credit River and along Saddington Park is early morning, just around sunrise. This morning, four kayaks headed down river and out into Lake Ontario. Late afternoon into early evening also is prime kayak watching time.* See comment from the 'man in the picture'.

Tanker Lake Ontario Clarkson (Mississauga) Refinery
Large vessels, be they lakers or tankers or whatever, can be seen farther out into Lake Ontario. This larger ship was docking offshore near the Clarkson Petro Canada Lubricants refinery. 

Helicopter Off Saddington Park Port Credit Ontario
 As I was taking a picture of one of the boats in the Harbour, I heard the sound of this helicopter overhead and behind me: I turned and snapped fast - and am so happy that the picture turned out.

Here are web pages for some of the boats mentioned in this post:
  • Credit Village Marina
  • Port Credit Harbour Marina
  • CCGS Caribou Isle
  • Peel Regional Police Marine Unit
If you're in the area in August 27-29, plan to take in the 20th anniversary Port Credit In-Water Boat Show

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fireworks Canada Day Mississauga Port Credit ~ Parade, Cake, Free Transit ~ Volunteers Needed

July 01 2010 : Volunteers volunteered - Thanks! Great parade!!
See all Mississauga Fireworks On July 1 2010 locations on the Canada Day Events post.

Canada Day Mississauga Port Credit
"We love a parade but we need help!" says Brenda Armstrong, Volunteer Coordinator for  Paint the Town Red. "The Port Credit Canada Day Committee is looking for volunteers to assist with our celebrations on July 1, 2010."

 Volunteers are needed in the following roles:
  •  Set up Crew
  •  Registration
  •  Change room Attendants (costume changes)
  •  Point Captains needed at each intersection
  •  Parking Control
 Volunteers will also be needed in Memorial Park for Stage Support, Crowd control, and other areas. The time commitment depends on the job. Most Parade volunteers would be busy for 4-6 hours depending on their task; some jobs would be a 2-3 hour commitment.

The parade starts at 11:00 a.m. and travels along Stavebank Rd S. to Lakeshore from the Port Credit Marina. It will then travel eastbound along Lakeshore Road East to Seneca Avenue, ending at Mentor College.

The parade will include Canadian and local heroes, marching bands, professionally built floats, a Classic Car Parade, mascots and costumed characters, Colour Guards, baton troupes, and many colourful walking entries and local business floats.

"Sign up now to be part of the Team!  An orientation session will be held later this month (June; date to be determined). If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any time," says Armstrong. [Contact pc-volunteer AT or phone 905.271.4247

Canada Day Port Credit 175 Anniversary:
"This year, Canada Day is going to be even more spectacular because 2010 marks Port Credit's 175th anniversary," says Ellen Timms, general manager Port Credit Business Association. "We're having an amazing year-long celebration of Port Credit's past, pride and future. Let's Party like it's 1835! [See Details pc 175].

"There are over 35 events and projects underway with the support of virtually every community group in Port Credit," Timms says. 

Canada Day Events Port Credit Mississauga
  • Sunrise Ceremony in Memorial Park (north side Lakeshore Road East, on the east side of the Credit River)
  • Canada Day Parade starts at 11:00 a.m., going eastward from Stavebank Road South through Port Credit to Wenonah Drive.
  • Cake-cutting Ceremony is set for 12:30 p.m., with the largest Canada Flag cake you've ever seen! Mayor McCallion will officiate the 175th ceremony.
  • Live Music In the afternoon, in Memorial Park. Bring a lawn chair.
  • Fireworks!! To end the Canada Day festivities, come to Memorial Park area to see the fantastic fireworks display.
Free Transit Mississauga Canada Day:
Make it a green day: Leave the car at home!  No parking to worry about as Mississauga Transit is Free from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. throughout Mississauga on Canada Day (July 1).

Come To Help, Stay for the Fun and Fireworks!! (See previous Canada Day in Port Credit fireworks post)

Is it East or is it West? Port Credit tip:
The Credit River marks the divide between east and west in Port Credit. In Mississauga, the usual east-west divide is Hurontario Street (Highway 10).

Related Port Credit:

Farmers Market Saturdays 7 a.m. -1 p.m. at the Elmwood Avenue Parking Lot (map). with returning and brand new vendors, music, face painting, stilt walkers and a chance to meet your neighbours.  Spread the word!

 On the last Saturday of the month, from April to October, the Museums of Mississauga is offering FREE walking tours.  Meet in front of Impressionable Gifts, 74 Lakeshore Road East.  Length:  1¼ hours.  Dress for the weather!   The next tour will be on Saturday, June 26 2:00 - 3:15 p.m.

Mississauga Canada Day in Streetsville On 
Details City Centre and Streetsville Fireworks here.


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