Sunday, November 08, 2009

Canoes, Rowers, Fishermen, Waterfront Trail, Fall Foliage ~ Fabulous Fall Port Credit on Lake Ontario

Such a fabulous, warm and sunny Fall day, it seemed everyone in Port Credit headed to the waterfront to walk the trail, to fish in Lake Ontario at the mouth of the Credit River, to canoe, cycle, row and kayak, and marvel at the last of the gorgeous colours of the fall leaves.

Here are a few pictures to show you how to celebrate the gift of a summer day in late Fall! Click on a picture to enlarge, then click the Back button to return to this page.

Snug Harbour Restaurant Port Credit
A bright red canoe heads down river past Snug Harbour restaurant (across from the landmark lighthouse) towards Lake Ontario.

Fisherman Lake Ontario Port Credit
One of many fishermen along the lower Credit River this fall afternoon, with a view of the CN Tower and Toronto skyline.

Driftwood Shore Lake Ontario Mississauga
Afternoon sun made this large piece of driftwood gleam, and the still Lake Ontario waters are testament to the calm winds. With no waves to stir the water, we had a rare glimpse of the lake's sandy bottom.

Rower Lake Ontario Port Credit
A man on a mission: this lone rower was skimming along so quickly west towards Hamilton, I had to move fast to snap this picture.

Walkers Along Mississauga Ontario Waterfront Trail
This stretch of the Waterfront Trail passes between Lake Ontario and the PetroCanada lands, a rolling, twisting path that's popular with cyclists, roller bladers, walkers and runners. Several cyclists were towing babes in wagons.

Copper Beach in Fall - BRG
The Waterfront Trail passes through the BRG - Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens in west Port Credit. The copper beeches were particularly lovely this afternoon along the east garden at the Godfrey's Lane entrance.

Tamarack - Larch Fall Colours BRG
Across the Waterfront Trail from the stand of copper beech trees is this stand of tamaracks (AKA larch) in their yellow fall foliage. See also this post for mor larch/tamarack pictures.

Red Crab Apples - Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail
Fall in Ontario is all about colour this year, and these red crab apples certainly did their part! While areas north of the city of Toronto had wet snow showers this past week, in sunny lakefront Port Credit, we were treated to a warm summer day; Temperatures reached 17C (63F). Most people wore only a light sweater or jacket, and several men were wearing only Tshirts and shorts.

The weather forecast for the next few days calls for temperatures nearly this warm, so if you're in the Toronto - Mississauga - Oakville area, do make a point of going out for a walk. We'll be into winter in Canada soon enough!

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