Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Colors Port Credit : Leaves, Lake, Rainbow Lake Ontario

Port Credit (Mississauga, Ontario) is having a really good Fall season: Some days are hot and sunny, some are rainy and blustery, and this past week, most days have been alternating between the two, several times a day. Brilliant sunshine and glorious sunsets simply beg you to take their picture. Here are a few random pics I've taken over the past week.

Port Credit Village Trees behind LCBO on Lakeshore Road
The best way to see thr colors is first hand, in person, as my valiant little Canon Digital cannot do the reds justice. (LCBO is the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, where one may purchase wines, beers etc. Or so I am told :-)

Rhododendron Gardens Park Lakeshore Road Mississauga
One afternoon, just as I'd finished working in the new Rose Garden in Rhododendron Gardens (we need something to show off once the rhodos are done blooming in June), the clouds parted briefly to set the golds and reds ablaze. Just as quickly, they took away the light.

Blustery Winds Make Waves Lake Ontario :: View of Toronto
I took this picture from the beach in the part of Rhodo Gardens at the end of Godfrey's Lane. Until a few days ago, I hadn't known that this park are was part of the main Rhodo Gardens, as it's separated from the main park area by a private residence.

Sunset Lake Ontario Rhododendron Gardens
The setting sun turned the waters of the Lake salmon-colored. I took this picture just before 7 p.m. on the weekend just past. The days are noticeably shorter now, and as I write this, it is dark at 7 p.m. This weekend the time will change back to EST (Sunday, November 2), and so it will be dark at 6 p.m. or a bit sooner.

Rainbow Over Lake Ontario October 27, 2008
East views towards Toronto: This rainbow is mirrored in Lake Ontario. Tonight, there were dozens of birds bobbing on the almost-still waters. Various types of gulls, a few Canada geese, and a wading bird or two. I must get out my Bird Book to find their names. I counted about 6 dozen in all in this small bay at Rhododendron Gardens beach, and wonder if it's migration time again.