Friday, February 22, 2008

Cherry Creek Kamloops Lake B.C. Canada

More pictures from Western Canada this week, as friend Sheila in Kamloops sent along some photos of Kamloops Lake in the Cherry Creek area west of Kamloops, B.C. (Canada).

The first picture shows the trail up to the view point. This area is accessed from the Trans-Canada highway west of Kamloops, south of the lake.

The second photo shows the view from the top: This viewpoint is on private property.
A panoramic view of Kamloops Lake looking roughly northeast across to Tranquille; Kamloops lies further east. This picture was taken on a friend's property at Cherry Creek.
Sheila says:
The Kamloops paper today reports that this lake hasn't frozen in 12-14 years, ans that this is only the third time in 20 years! It is frozen from Tobiano (6 Mile Ranch) to Savona. I took this picture because of the rarity of the lake being frozen over, but I didn't realize at the time how rare it was. In this picture, the ice covers the entire surface of the lake (it's very clear ice) except for the part right across the lake at Tranquille. Now, a week or so later, the ice has likely receded even more, as the weather is getting warmer every day.

Years ago, Tranquille's King Edward VII sanatorium treated thousands of patients before it closed in 1958. After years of disuse, Tranquille is to be developed into a large resort community which will see the restoration of three Victorian cottages and a fire hall on the site.

See also South Thompson River Views east of Kamloops.

Update June 2008: See Sheila's new blog about RVing with pictures from B.C. Now that she is able to post her own photos, I guess these are the last I'll get from her!