Friday, May 05, 2006

Back In Canada!!

Great trip! If you haven't been to Sabah and Sarawak -- put it on your list!

Very nice people -- so friendly, I was still greeting all and sundry back in Hong Kong: They didn't greet me back.

This is the spot for the nature lover -- lots of trails, canopy walks, hot springs and wildlife -- orang utans, turtles, bats and birds. Or for divers -- tons of reefs and islands -- will have to look up the names later.

For mountain climbers, add Mount Kinabalu to your list -- highest peak between the Himalayas and Papua NG -- 4095 meters and growing -- not volcanic, it's granite. For golfers and spa goers, head to Kota Kinabalu. And the food is ever so tasty!

I didn't even get to Miri, in Sarawak -- mainly because I didn't know about it. So I will go back, though not sure just when - and explore the Malaysian Peninsula, and KL.