Saturday, December 19, 2009

Olympic Torch Relay Port Credit Mississauga Ontario

 The Olympic Torch Relay came to Mississauga today, and after ceremonies at City Centre, including runs by Mayor Hazel McCallion and olympian Kurt Browning, the torch relay headed south on Hurontario (Highway 10) to Lakeshore Road in Port Credit.

Here are a few pictures of the torch relay, and a short video to give some idea of the happy crowds that lined the relay route. Click on an image to enlarge, then click the Back button to return to this page.

Santa at the Lighthouse Port Credit ON

Santa handed out Canada flags and good cheer at the Lighthouse 'home' of the Port Credit BIA. The BIA handed out pizza, sandwiches, hot coffee and hot chocolate. The cup of hot coffee was a perfect antidote for my frozen fingers. Thanks, Ellen!

Olympic Torch Relay Bus Mississauga

The torch bearers did a good job keeping on schedule! Their ETA in Port Credit was 1:50 p.m., and they were punctual! All told, the torch relay will cover 45,000 kilometers or 28,000 miles.

Crowds Cheering Torch Bearers

Though crowds were sparse when I arrived around 1 p.m., within a half hour, the sidewalks were filling fast all along Lakeshore Road, and the Starbucks west of the Lighthouse had lines out the door!

Olympic Torch Relay Handover on Lakeshore Rd. Bridge

As flashing lights atop police cars heralded the approaching torch, crowds spilled from the sidewalks on either side of the Lakeshore Road bridge and filled the traffic lanes. Oddly enough, for as regimented and rule-ridden as Canadians usually are, the police did not block traffic lanes, other than at intersections.

I half - expected some excited, distracted relay watcher to come a cropper, but drivers slowed down and gave the right of way to jaywalkers.

Taking up the torch, Holding it high!

Now, as luck would have it, I lost my lovely vantage point from the terrace at the Lighthouse when an eastbound cube van got stuck in the relay crowd and blocked the view.

A fast run around the lighthouse, down the stairs and around the base brought me out onto Lakeshore Road in time to take a few fast pictures before the police cleared the roadway.

Torch Relay Port Credit

In the video below, you can hear what I heard as this torch bearer's name: I heard 'Laura', and checking online, the only Laura mentioned as torch bearer in Mississauga is 'Greer'. If I have incorrectly identified her, please correct me.

 Torch Heads West Through Port Credit

Here's a shot of the joyful- looking torch bearer jogging along Lakeshore Road West towards Clarke Hall.

Approaching Mississauga Road

Laura kept up a lively pace, and quite a few in the crowd tried to keep up with her as the relay neared the intersection at Mississauga Road.

Olympic Torch Shawnmarr and Lakeshore

And though I gave it my best, I couldn't catch up, let alone overtake the relay contingent. My plan was to take a picture as the torch passed the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens near my house.

Here's a short video of the torch relay sights and sounds in Port Credit.