Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Camper In Mississauga, Canada !

Of the gazillion or so blogs on this site alone, I have to wonder why someone picked just three blogs, all from Canada, to pirate away into cyberspace. Maybe we were just the beginning of his dreams for his bogus empire, but for now, his site is down, and he will have to rethink. Ideally, he will get a legitimate job and chalk up this cyber nonsense to a bad idea.

I have to credit Google's recent launch of
Google Blog alerts to identifying the mirrored site(s), and for all the support and help from those in the web-know at the forum for tracking down the details that led to his 'home on the web'. From there, the company hosting the site, Cyber Wurx, acted promptly to confirm our findings and remove the offending site. I have now sent all details of my journey to the domain registrar.

To all involved, a big
Thank You ! on behalf of bloggers and site owners everywhere!