Friday, October 06, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival and Canadian Thanksgiving :: Busy Week!

Last night I attended an event hosted by the Hong Kong Tourism Bureau (Discover Hong in Toronto to mark the Mid Autumn Moon Festival (also called the Mid Autumn Lantern Celebration) as well as bring us travel media types up to speed on what's happening in my favorite city, and what's on deck, so to speak, locally.

Here's a few fast updates on what's new in Hong Kong. The Wetlands park is now open, and it looks amazing! It's located west from the city, towards the border with mainland China, and accessible by public transit, albeit with a train change or two.

At Stanley,in front of the Stanley Market, the seafront access is now open, though there are still bits to be finished off. Of course, the Skytrain from the airport to Lantau Island opened in September.

As for local events promoting travel to Hong Kong, I'll post those soon. There's to be a prize of a free trip to Hong Kong involved, and first I have to think about whether I really want to entice more people to enter the draw, or if I should keep quiet and improve my chances of winning!

The celebration was held at the CHUM-City TV building on Toronto's trendy Queen Street West, though the room had been switched to accommodate performer James Blunt (I thought his name was spelled Blount but what do I know).

And uber-designer Kimberley Seldon said a few entertaining words (she's quite funny, actually, and a good speaker) about her current work with the Hong Kong board and City TV. I for one am looking forward to the City Line show when she talks about her recent trip to Hong Kong. Should be interesting to see my fave place through a designer's eyes.

As for Thanksgiving, I'll write about that tomorrow. Right now, I have to make a grocery-store run.