Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer Palace in Beijing Gets New Name??

Each week, the Toronto Star publishes travel photos sent in by readers, under the heading Where in the World (shades of Conde Nast Traveler!) and other readers can guess where each photo was taken. Just for fun -- no prize involved -- answers the following week.

Last week, one such photo was of the Summer Palace, in Beijing -- basically a no-brainer for anyone who's been to China. The Summer Palace is included on many tours, and very recognizable. Not as much as, say, the Eiffel Tower, but close.

This is the Summer Palace (my photo).

So I got a start when today's paper came with another installment of reader photos, and the answer to the previous week's Where in the World?

And LO! The lovely Summer Palace is identified as the Temple of Heaven. Uh Oh!

This is the Temple of Heaven(also mine)

The wrong cutline information means two things (at least):
  • Don't believe everything you see in print, and always check other sources;
  • The travel editor is on the road and the gremlins put out the paper.