Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Where in the World :: Summer Sunset

Where in the world? Thailand? China? Nope! Though this building appears pagoda-like, even though the eaves are not upturned, it's located on the outskirts of Milton, Ontario, Canada.

Where? Bordering Mississauga, to the west.

I took this photo from the entrance to a area tree farm (Van Dongens), which is on Trafalgar Road, just south of Derry Road.

Coming back from dinner in Milton (the community just west of Mississauga), I had taken Derry Road eastbound to Trafalgar before tourning south. Since the setting sun kept drawing my attention from the fairly busy road, I thought it safer to stop and watch for a while. Sunsets never last all that long, anyhow. May as well enjoy it!

I had taken the lower photo about 5 minutes earlier, while I waited for a traffic signal. Note how many power lines are visible. This area's valuable farmland is being taken over by new housing developments, as land prices are generally much lower than in areas closer to Toronto. Homeowners can have a nice, big, new houses, albeit with a tiny yards and with the neighbours able to look directly in through all your windows. No word yet as to where our food will be grown.