Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Filming in Port Credit Covert Affairs ~ Location Mississauga Ontario

There's another crew filming in Port Credit (Mississauga, Ontario,  Canada): Covert Affairs.

I finally found the time to find out the name of what was filming yesterday (Monday June 14). I'm not sure if they are still filming today as I haven't yet been out to look, but I'll take my camera when I go this afternoon, and, if the film crew trailers and telltale red cones are still there, I'll get some photos and post them here.

Yesterday the film cones, trailers etc were set up across from the Lighthouse on Lakeshore Road West (west side of the Credit River).

I also saw more trailers and cones set up one block south of Lakeshore Road East at Hurontario (near TEN Restaurant and Wine Bar).

The sign beside the trailers said Covert Affairs; This is what I found out about this film shoot:

Covert Affairs
is a television show that airs on the USA Network. There's a good read about this series online, posted by Danny Schechter, Author of The Crime Of Our Time and blogger in chief at Mediachannel.Org.

Schechter says:
 Defending America covertly has become an ongoing theme for one more TV series. 
Salute the flag and praise NBC (GE) for its latest effort to persuade the population to accept the kind of secret operations that now drive the war in Afghanistan. 
Their latest show is called "Covert Affairs" and airs on the patriotically branded USA Network.

Read his full article at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Our-Politics-and-Economy-H-by-Danny-Schechter-100611-364.html

Information about the cast is posted on this site: http://www.poptower.com/covert-affairs-usa.htm and says in part about Covert Affairs (USA Network):

Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly, Beverly Hills Chihuahua) plays Annie Walker, a young CIA trainee.

Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty, Jake 2.0) plays Auggie Anderson, a CIA military intelligence agent.

Peter Gallagher (The O.C., American Beauty) plays Arthur, the formidable Director of Clandestine Services for the CIA.

Anne Dudek (House, Mad Men) plays a married mother of two and is and Annie's older sister.

Kari Matchett (Invasion) plays Joan, head of the CIA's Domestic Protection Division who happens to be married to Arthur.

From Universal Cable Productions, Covert Affairs is executive produced by Doug Liman (the Bourne trilogy, Heist) and Dave Bartis (The O.C.) through Dutch Oven and written and co-executive produced by Matt Corman (Deck the Halls) and Chris Ord (Deck the Halls).

Tim Matheson (USA's Burn Notice and Psych, Criminal Minds) directed the pilot for Covert Affairs (USA Network).

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Okay I am outta here - if the crew is still filming, I'll get some pics!
Update: This is the last day Covert Affairs is filming in Port Credit. Here are a few pictures I took this afternoon.

Sign Hurontario and Lakeshore Road East across from TEN Restaurant

Signs Lakeshore Road West across from Lighthouse in Port Credit

Trailers parked along Front Street North in Port Credit ON

'Annie Walker' Covert Affairs Trailer ~ Port Credit Ontario

Canadian Legion Port Credit
The Legion on Front Street is a natural location for feeding a lot of people. Judging by the number of trailers, there were a lot of them.

As I followed the cones up Hurontario towards Mineola, I noticed that this was not a second location this day for Covert Affairs, but rather a base camp for Lost Girl at Port Credit Secondary School.

NB: Port Credit is part of the City of Mississauga; This weekend, it hosts the annual Waterfront Festival. Come party with us!