Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two For Two :: Canucks RULE on Rockstar !!!

Well there will be no living with us Canadians now that another Toronto rocker has taken top spot of the reality show/endless audition that is Supernova.

Last year, Toronto's J.D. Fortune got the job fronting INXS. Last night, it was Lukas Rossi (my personal favorite) who will front the new band temporarily called Supernova (has to change since another band has that name).

Lukas and Dilanna both appeared as gobsmacked as I was when the judges said 'See Ya, Mate' to Australia's Toby Rand (who we all thought was the front runner). A few minutes earlier, the band told Iceland's Magni to Scoot! And Dilanna? Just too high maintenance (all those mood swings and propensity for nasty comments she labels Just Being Honest bode ill for band harmony). But she is a great singer and performer, so like the other finalists, she's looking deep into the eyes of a stellar career.

And if you've never seen Rock Star, then next summer, do yourself a favor. This is no largely-amateur IDOL show. These guys are all pros at the outset. And to be able to tune in these great concerts week after week is a privilege and a really cheap date!