Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mississauga Pictures Sailboats, CN Tower Toronto, Lake Ontario, Mississauga City Hall, Lighthouse : Random Photos from Port Credit

Springtime in Port Credit! Great time to get out for a walk along Mississauga's section of the Waterfront Trail along Lake Ontario. So that's what I did, camera in hand, taking random pictures of sailboats, the CN Tower and even the lighthouse and City Hall.

Sailboats Lake Ontario ~ View From Port Credit Mississauga
Sailboats dotted Lake Ontario, a sure sign that summer is here, no matter the date on the calendar!

Sailboats Lake Ontario Wide View
A Race! This is the view from the Waterfront Trail west of Saddington Park in Port Credit.

Sailboats Lake Ontario - Spinnakers Out
Sailboats with spinnakers out, heading for the finish line. I haven't sailed in way too many years, so feel free to correct my tems!

CN Tower Toronto - View from Breakwater Saddington Park

Port Credit views of Toronto skyline, with the CN Tower in the background. Is this a great place to live or what?!

Sailboat mast mirrors CN Tower Toronto Skyline
The views from Port Credit are unmatched; Public access waterfront views of Toronto from locations east of Port Credit are almost too close; you feel part of the city of Toronto, IMHO, while here in Port Credit, Toronto skyline better serves as a lovely backdrop.

Port Credit Lighthouse - Mississauga Lake Ontario Landmark
I love this great view of the Port Credit Lighthouse, with Memorial Park in the background. I took this picture from the 20th floor of a nearby apartment building. Memorial Park is the hub for all Port Credit events and festivals.

Mississauga City Hall - Early Spring
Two shots of Mississauga City Hall from Port Credit: This one was taken last month, with the trees still mostly bare of leaves.

Mississauga City Hall View from Port Credit
I took this photo of City Hall this week, with lush green blotting out the roof tops.

Ship (Tanker) Lake Ontario

This picture, also taken from the same 20th floor vantage point, shows the tanker at the Petro Canada dock in Clarkson, almost on the Mississauga - Oakville boundary.

Waterfalls Saddington Park Port Credit Mississauga Ontario
And just for fun, here's  a picture of a waterfalls in Port Credit at Saddinton Park. For as often as I am in this park, this was the first time I had noticed these waterfalls.
Credit River Holiday Weekend ~ Canada Geese Family Outing
These two families of Canada Geese were taking a leisurely holiday weekend swim on the Credit River at Memorial Park.

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Now to get out and enjoy this gorgeous sunny day on the Lake Ontario waterfront. Who needs a cottage when you live in Port Credit? Not I!

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