Sunday, January 07, 2007

Buenos Aires Argentina :: Wish I Were There Now

That's the trouble with my spending a few days focused in getting my travel photos online :: I become so absorbed in fact checking, and poring over my notebook, and remembering the moment when I took the photos, that I feel like I've been on the trip all over again.

It's sometimes a bit of a shock when I look around and find I am still in Mississauga, on a cloudy grey winter day. After all, I've been walking around Recoleta in Buenos Aires in the summertime sun, drinking great coffee and eating good barbecue with the gauchos!

And what's more upsetting is that I realize how many museums and shops and parks and cathedrals and so on that I didn't have time to explore, and I want to go back instead of just looking at my photos.

When someone asks me my favorite place, I usually say, without hesitation, "Hong Kong." But O! Argentina, and (Chile, and Uruguay), you are all tied for a very close Second Place.