Saturday, August 12, 2006

*Top 5 Reasons to Pack Light* Now Top 6 Reasons

For some years now, I have espoused packing light for travel, and posted the following on my site Snapshot Journeys (What to Pack).

*You will look like a seasoned traveler, not a tourist.
*Bellboys do not enjoy lugging heavy suitcases. Really.
*It's embarrassing to have the airline slap a 'HEAVY' sticker on your luggage.
*You should be able to carry your bag up five flights of stairs yourself. Or onto a plane, a bus, a subway.
*You can stow your luggage in the overhead bin and eliminate the wait at the baggage carousel.

In light of the current state of heightened airport security, and scenes of security guards ripping through luggage in the middle of the terminal, I am adding a sixth reason, and giving it the top spot:

*Fewer items in your suitcase mean less work for airport security and less work for you to repack.

Let's hope this gets sorted soonest. It's a mess for everyone, everywhere, and another example of how the few can hold hostage the many.