Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Filming Port Credit Commercial Activity Saddington Park

Fishing from a boat on a pond and cheddar cheese: Cracker Barrel Commercial

A gorgeous fall day, a quiet reflecting pond, a boy and his grandfather fishing from a small boat: Cracker Barrel Cheddar Cheese commercial coming to a television near you soon.

And when you see it, know that you are seeing this lovely spot in Port Credit Ontario, just steps from the Credit River and Lake Ontario. A few more steps and you'd see the CN Tower on the Toronto skyline rising across the water.

Port Credit is a popular filming location for movies and TV series (That Russell Girl, Covert Affairs, Lost Girl, Restaurant Makeover, et al) and for commercials. Often we don't even bother to check commercial shoots, but the one that is being filmed as I type is fairly high profile. Since the film company -- Spy Films Inc. -- took the time to explain the activity, I thought I'd take a closer look at the setting. Click on picture to enlarge, then click Back button to return to this post.

Traffic Cones Front Street South Telltale Sign of Filming

Yesterday afternoon, the telltale small red cones were placed along Front Street South, south of the landmark lighthouse in Port Credit, holding the space for the film trucks crew that arrived just before 6 a.m. today for set up in the frosty air.

Film Crew, Cast, on East Pond Saddington Park Port Credit

By mid-morning, the sunshine worked its magic, and the commercial shoot was well under way. What a gorgeous spot to spend a late Fall day, and get paid to do so! Film companies tend to be very strict with safety issues, as you can see here. The boy and his 'grandfather' in the boat (canoe)  have their own lifeguard, even though the water he is standing in is only knee deep.

Canada Geese Saddington Park  Pond

This little pond at Saddington Park is a great favourite with the local Canada Goose community, and they're used to having it all to themselves. Today, though, as they came in for a landing, they were surprised with this film crew and boats.

Reflecting Pond, Canada Geese

With much loud goose grumbling, the geese made a fast change to their flight path and splashed to a landing in the far corner of the pond.

Trees Reflection at Noon: Autumn in Port Credit

With no wind and a clear blue sky, the trees around the pond were mirrored in the water.

Wooden Footbridge Saddington Park

The film company's small zodiak with motor was anchored just at the top of the small dam / waterfall that parallels the foot bridge. The entire company had to be pleased with the location manager's choice for this shoot!

Film Crew Trucks, Trailers Front Street South Port Credit

Just before noon, the catering company set up a dozen or more tables, nicely laid with white cloths, along the sidewalk at the edge of Saddington Park, near a large buffet table. For a moment, I was tempted to just walk up, fill a plate and take a seat, saying I left my ID elsewhere.

The film company has the location until 10 p.m. tonight, according to the notice we got, but I imagine they'll be all done but the packing by then. Just after two, high clouds started rolling in, and once the sun is blocked even a little, you really feel the actual temperature of about 9 C: it's chilly!

Condos Hurontario and Lakeshore Road East Port Credit / Mississauga

I'd walked through Saddington Park to have a look at the filming on the pond, but I also got a fresh look at the condominium building (blue-gray color) nearing completion at Hurontario and Lakeshore Road East, across from TEN Restaurant and Wine Bar.

I usually see this building from street level, not from a distance. I think it makes a great addition to our little skyline in Port Credit.

And by the way, I watched the young fellow fishing from the boat: He has a pretty good casting arm for a little guy! Memo to self: Keep an eye out for a Cracker Barrel ad to see how this shoot makes it through edit.