Monday, January 05, 2009

BA Flights Canada YYZ to U.K. LHR Spring 2009 on British Airways -- Finding the Best Fare

Looking for flights from Toronto, Canada (airport code YYZ) to the U.K (likely London Heathrow LHR) this spring, I took a look at the online flight schedules for BA (British Airways) still searching for the best fare.

I've flown BA several times before, as have family members, and we have always been very happy with BA flight times, fares, seat pitches, crew and amenities. BA leaves from Toronto Terminal 3, which is very easy to get around.

In London LHR , some BA flights use the new Terminal 5, while some flights use LHR Terminal 4 ( good connections to the Heathrow Express, among other options for ground transportation. Assuming Terminal 5 will have similar). Pay attention to our ticket as to which terminal to be at in both Toronto and Heathrow.

BA Fare Finder Page - Choose Travel Dates

This first page on the BA fare finder shows all available flights, and lets you choose by date and fare. Keeping to my tentative travel dates in May 2009, I clicked on Wednesday, May 6 2009 (Outbound) with a fare of $284 (one way, no taxes, fees included - this date offers a lower fare).

For my return flight (Inbound) I again chose the cheaper option -- Monday, June 8, 2009 which also showed as $284 (One way, no fees or taxes included).

BA Flight Finder Choose Departure Times

The next page (above image) shows flight times for the dates I chose, and which carrier is operating the flights. These flights both show British Airways, which is fine with me :-)

British Airways Price Quote Toronto YYZ to London UK LHR Return

The next screen gives my price quote for the total costs including fees and taxes -- AT THIS POINT IN TIME -- as $993.00 CAD. Interesting to see that these fees, etc amount to nearly as much as the cost of the actual flight.

For flights from Canada to the UK, I expect to pay about a thousand dollars Canadian, so this fare is certainly in the ballpark. It is higher than the charter flights (see previous post this topic, link below) but it is comparable to the other scheduled airline I checked (Air Canada; $1,069, all in). I do prefer traveling on scheduled flights, and for me, that is worth paying a bit more.

Cost to Make Changes to BA flights After Booking (Ticketing)

What if my plans change after I booked? Check the costs of changing flights (above screenshot). However, it's still to early in my trip research to book my flights. These fares, times and dates are a good starting point, though, for when I am ready to book in a few months. As well, I now have a base to research hotels, tours and domestic travel. Of course, checking air fares this far ahead of actual travel dates means they can, and likely will, change.

Seat sales, lower fuel and airport charges, etc will have an impact on final costs, as will summer's peak demand travel time. Do you book well ahead and lock in your fare? Or do you wait and watch and hope that fares will be lower in the coming months? It's always a balancing act!

See British Airways for current fares : ( )
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