Saturday, August 13, 2011

Great Ontario Salmon Derby 2011 Port Credit Marina Weigh Station

Two weeks left in the Great Ontario Salmon Derby 2011! Here are some pictures taken at the Port Credit weigh station operating for the duration of the derby: July 9 to August 27, 2011.Update: See video at bottom of post of GOSD fish-off start Sept 17.

Port Credit Mississauga Marina Boat Launch Access
 Enter the Port Credit marina boat launch from Front Street South, the first entrance right at the landmark lighthouse on Lakeshore Road West (west side of Credit River). Note there are no traffic lights at Front Street.

The boat launch is at the south end of the lot, near the exit. Center lanes are set aside for staging only, and once you've launch your boat, you can exit the lot and park behind the marina lot.

Port Credit Weigh Pay Station ~  Charter Fishing Boat Dock
 Along the west side of the Credit River south of Lakeshore Road West, you'll see the charter fishing boat dock. The Great Ontario Salmon Derby weigh Station is located in the small brown cottage at the south end next to the fish cleaning station. (Washrooms are located under the Lighthouse.)

Port Credit Weigh Station Boat Launch Fees
 The Great Ontario Salmon Derby affects all boaters (NOT canoes, kayaks, seadoos, etc) using the Port Credit marina boat launch facilities: For the duration of the Derby (July 9 to August 27), a launch fee of $10 is in effect. The seasonal launch rate is $70. This launch fee also includes parking in the lot behind the weigh station.

If you think you will be using the Port Credit boat launch more than 7 times over the next two weeks, then get the seasonal pass. Once the derby is over, the boat launch fee is no longer charged.

Port Credit Marina Weigh Station Fish Cleaning Facilities
 Good fish cleaning facilities are located next to the Port Credit weigh station just up from the boat launch area.

Coho Salmon Port Credit Marina Mississauga Ontario
 Though I cannot be certain, by checking with the fish identification map below, I believe these are Coho salmon, though they might be Chinook. They are a beautiful silver color with a strip of steel gray on their backs, and have deep red flesh. As of today, salmon are being caught mainly in deep waters in Lake Ontario; in this area, it's about 4 miles off Port Credit.

The annual salmon run that sees hundreds of fishermen along the banks of the Credit River from Saddington Park in Port Credit to Erindale Park north of Dundas Street is still a few weeks away.

Credit River Lake Ontario Salmon Identification Chart
 Make note of the salmon identification chart posted near the weigh station. Valid fishing license and Ontario Outdoors cards are usually required, though charter fishing boat companies will arrange for one-day licenses. See the Ministry of Natural Resources MNR site for complete information.

Port Credit Missisauga Ontario Boat Launch Ramps
 Here's a closer look at the boat launch ramp at Port Credit. The weigh station and the fish cleaning station are located to the right of this view.

MNR Posts Hotline Phone Numbers for Poaching, Tagged Fish Info
 Take a moment to read the posted signs at the marina, and be aware that Peel Regional Police Marine Unit and MNR staff monitor compliance on a regular basis. Additionally, at the entrance to Saddington Park off Front Street, the Credit River Anglers Association (CRAA) posted a sign alerting fishermen to Lake Sturgeon issues.

Muskies Muskellunge Identification Chart
Also posted at the Port Credit weigh station is a muskie (muskellunge) identification chart. Some pike were being caught earlier in the season as were carp, but salmon fishing is the big draw in this area.

Great Ontario Salmon Derby Salmon Weights Chart
 The Port Credit weigh station posts this chart showing salmon weights and location caught for the entire Great Ontario Salmon Derby to date. Staff today noted that the largest salmon so far today weighed in at just over 26 pounds, no where near record size.

Here's my video of the start of last year's salmon derby,  and see the GOSD website for full information on the Derby. The site states that prize awards day this year is September 17, but I couldn't find the location.

I see the picnic tables stacked in Saddington Park, so I suspect the fish-off for prize winners is this weekend, and again to be held at Saddington Park in Port Credit.  The GOSD site has one graphic  box that says the date, (All prizes are awarded on awards day, September 17, 2011") but no location.

BUT thanks to a local fishing boat charter company:

September 17, 2011 at Credit Village Marina,
City of Mississauga 7:00 a.m. - 12 o’clock
noon. The 70 prize winners in the Great Ontario Salmon Derby will participate in a four hour fishing derby. Prizes for catching the four
largest salmon. Following the Derby will be a luncheon at which $5,000 in prizes will be awarded. First prize: $2,000, Second prize: $1,500, Third prize: $1,000, Fourth prize: $500.

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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Port Credit Mississauga Snapshots : Boats, Chopper, Lake Ontario, Credit River Summer in Ontario Canada

Summer in Port Credit Mississauga (Ontario, Canada): Here are some pictures of boats, a helicopter, the full moon and men on a raft along the Lake Ontario waterfront near the mouth of the Credit River. Something is always happening in Port Credit!
TRCA Electro Fishing Boat Credit River
 Just after sunset one evening, I noticed the Toronto Region Conservation Authority staff on the electrofishing boat, taking samples near the mouth of the Credit River off Saddington Park in Mississauga. I took a short video of this (to me at least) very interesting process. See Electrofishing video.

Credit River - Port Credit Harbour - Snug Harbour Restaurant
 The full moon was just rising over Lake Ontario when I was crossing the Credit River foot bridge at the close of the annual Port Credit Art Show. I took this photo using the Vivid setting on my camera (Canon SX30 IS).

To the left are the lights of Snug Harbour restaurant and boats docked in Port Credit Marina. To the right are the deep lake charter fishing boats at their moorings on the west side of the Credit River, just south of the landmark lighthouse.

Men on a Raft - Credit River off Saddington Park Mississauga
 Now I have absolutely no clue as to why these men were sitting on lawn chairs on a raft, nor do I have any idea as to why there is a sofa of sorts on one end. Furthermore, I have no idea whether or not this form of boating on Lake Ontario or the Credit River is legal. If you know the answers to any of the above,  please let me know.

Forces Griffon Bell 412 Helicopter
 A few days ago, this helicopter was flying back and forth for about 3 hours along the Lake Ontario shoreline; this is the best photo I could get. The bright yellow and red colors set this chopper apart from the usual commuter helicopters seen in the area, as did the flight pattern: Back and forth from around Oakville in the west to Etobicoke in the east. It flew mainly offshore, but a few times it went south towards Niagara Falls.

I took this picture to send to a friend who knows his helicopters: "That's a Forces Griffin Bell 412 used by Canadian military and Search and Rescue. Google it."

Peel Regional Police Boat Marine Unit Port Credit Mississauga
 On the first rainy day in weeks, winds whipped up onshore waves and whitecaps. I noticed the Peel Police, boat blue light flashing, coming from the east heading just past Port Credit harbor. When the boat turned and cut speed just at Saddington Park, I grabbed my camera, took this photo and some video of them rescuing some canoers. The waves kept moving the police boat out of my view behind the trees. 

Dark Clouds - Front Moving Across Lake Ontario
 Early one morning, I saw one of the most unusual cloud formations over Lake Ontario I have ever seen, a long, dense and well-defined line of clouds rolling into Port Credit. This appeared on a day when rain was forecast (though never occurred). The boat in the middle of the picture is the Ridgetown, a sunken laker that's now a breakwater in Port Credit harbor.

Sunrise Lake Ontario at Port Credit
 A day or so later, this gorgeous sunrise colored the morning skies over Lake Ontario.

TRCA Boat at new Buoy Lake Ontario at Port Credit.
 I took this photo so I could zoom in close enough to see this boat near the new buoy offshore Port Credit one misty morning. When I downloaded the picture, I could see it was a Toronto Region Conservation Authority boat.

Snug Harbour Restaurant Port Credit Ontario
 Here's the view of the Port Credit lighthouse, west end of the Lakeshore Road bridge over the Credit River. I took this picture from inside Snug Harbour Restaurant at sunset earlier in the year, when there are no boats in the marina to hog the view.

Brueckner Rhododendron Garden Port Credit Mississauga
A few blocks west of the Credit River on Lakeshore Road West, the flower gardens are in full bloom at Brueckner Rhododendron Garden. The rhodos are done blooming until next April or so, but the annuals, perennials, wildflowers and hydrangeas are at their peak. See BRG blog for pictures, map, info.

August in Port Credit means it's time for Buskerfest 6, this year taking place the weekend of August 19 - 21, 2011. See photos from Buskerfest 5.