Thursday, August 17, 2006

D'OH! Moments in Travel

The first time I was in Bangkok, I'd arrived at noon, half a day late. Since I'd missed that morning's scheduled city tour, the guide took me directly from the airport on a whirlwind tour of a gazillion temples. Still jet-lagged, I tried to beg off that evening's dinner and show, saying I really just wanted to go to the hotel, check in and get to bed.

"But there's a special show, and a special Thai food dinner," he said.

"Oh, I love Thai food!" I said. At home, I am always up for going to a Thai restaurant. Then it hit me."Ummm, I'm, ahhh, I'm in Thailand, aren't I?"

Told you I was jet-lagged. Likewise in Chile, at a seafood restaurant. What North Americans call 'Chilean Bass', in Chile, they call 'sea bass'. And what others call 'Canadian bacon', Canadians call 'back bacon'. Just so you know.