Monday, July 01, 2013

Snug Harbour Port Credit Renovated

After being closed for several months for renovations, Snug Harbour re-opened in early March. I'd dropped in for coffee that day, had a good look around, and snapped a few pictures. I'd hoped to return for lunch or dinner before I posted the photos, but so far, that hasn't happened. In any event, here are some photos of the interior, a look at (and links to) Snug Harbour's new menu and wine list.

On the banks of the Credit River, green roofed Snug Harbour at the Credit VIllage Marina.
Snug Harbour Port Credit ON
 Here's the view looking south-east across the river from the Port Credit lighthouse. The sign is new, too, with 'Snug Harbour' writ in much larger letters. An almost-all-season patio curves around the water frontage along the river and the Credit Village Marina. Snug Harbour has, arguably, the best located patio in Port Credit, if not along the entire north shore of Lake Ontario.  Boaters can tie up alongside the dock below the sign.

Stacked gray stone with art niches for model boats new feature at Snug Harbour in Port Credit.
New Stone Feature Wall Snug Harbour
Inside, a large stone feature with art niches and a fireplace runs along the west wall, with openings to the patio at either end.  Opposite the stone wall, near the entrance, is a new wine storage feature wall.  The expansive bar linking the two has been totally redone as well. Basically, everything inside has been redone.

New kitchen area at east end of Snug Harbour overlooks marina, Port Credit.
New Seating, New Lighting, New Kitchen
 Across the dining room from the new stone feature wall, a new, second kitchen is sited at the rear, center of photo, in a former seating area. To the right, back wall, edge of picture,  is the new wine rack. The long banquette seating is new, too, and faces the marina.

Interior view of Snug Harbour shows the new kitchen to the rear, looking out over the Credit Village Marina.
New menu with more items, old favourites.
 Still only one folded sheet (3-page) menu, there's room for the new dishes, and new prices. Have a look at the starters here. I was relying on my memory to compare prices of foods I knew from dinners past.  (Fish and Chips I recall as about $15 (one piece of fish, a few fries. That's it. And that seems the same on the new menu.) The increases, where they occur, seemed minimal, and in keeping with current costs. But I stand to be corrected.

Close up detail of new menu at Snug Harbour shows prime rib special for Friday nights.
Snug Harbour Menu Detail
 One new item on the menu is the Friday night prime rib special, detail in photo above and on the site. This is one of the dinners I had planned to try and haven't yet. (Comes with Yorkshire Pudding! Yum)!  Have a look at the wine list. The prices start at $9/glass for all wines. Just saying.

Landmark lighthouse across from dining room, patio at Snug Harbour.
Port Credit Restaurant has Best Dining Room, Patio Views 
 Prices and menu aside, the best thing about Snug Harbour, is it's location, location, location. And the location on the banks of the Credit River, a short walk from Lake Ontario, is worth every penny. At night, the harbour lights and the lighthouse (a replica, and home of the Port Credit BIA), are stunning.  Visitors often ask about the Lighthouse Restaurant, and usually, what they mean is Snug Harbour.

Newly renovated Ladies restroom at Snug Harbour shows stainless steel trough-style sink.
The Ladies at Snug Harbour
And I cannot resist a restroom shot of the renovated Ladies. Marble (granite?) vanity with stainless steel trough sink and cool new hands-free faucets. Assuming the Gents is equally luxe.

And so, two months after the fact,  here are the pictures. The patio is a huge draw, and busy most days, even days when other patios in Port Credit are empty, or nearly so.

And according to the site:

. . . Our seating in particular during the busy summer months is available on a first-come first-served basis. 
During our off-peak seasons of the year, we do accept a limited number of reservations through the week and even on the weekends depending on availability, size of your group, time, etc. 
Please remember seating is limited on weekends so please call in advance and we will do our best to accomodate your request.