Friday, August 29, 2008

Hazel McCallion Mayor of Mississauga at Rhododedron Gardens in Port Credit

Shortly after 9 a.m. today, Mayor Hazel McCallion came to visit Mississauga's Rhododendron Gardens in Port Credit, Ontario, to see for herself the new section of the Waterfront Trail that now passes through the Gardens. While the contractor still has work to do, the broad strokes are in place, and it's looking good, Vern!

Mayor McCallion, David Culham and Rose Garden Rob
'Rose Garden Rob' and former City of Mississauga councillor David Culham -- two of the many tireless volunteers who work alongside Mississauga Parks master gardener Para and staff -- show the mayor their plans for future flower beds. This summer, Rob designed, laid out and planted the new Rose Garden with some 600 rose bushes. While not much to look at this summer, the roses promise to be a fabulous summer sequel to the rhodos spring show.

Christine Brueckner, David Culham, Mayor Hazel at Brueckner Plaque
Christine Brueckner, daughter of the late Dr. Brueckner, whose rhodos now have a home in these Gardens, the mayor and Culham oblige local media with photos.

New Bridge for Waterfront Trail at Lake Ontario shoreline
Mayor McCallion walked with members of the Gardens committee to the site of the new bridge. Stone columns are in place; the new bridge should be installed soon. In this view, I am looking east to the new paved trail that joins Godfrey's Lane.

New Trail section Rhododendron Gardens
Coming north and west from the bridge above, the paved trail branches: The old section continues up the hill to the left; the new section veers to the right, along the small creek that cuts through the Gardens. At this spot, you are just a few steps from Lake Ontario. Park staff and volunteers have been busy clearing out overgrown underbrush and raising tree canopies in this area, offering vignette views of the waterfront.

Waterfront Trail at Shawnmarr and Lakeshore Roads
The heavy machinery moved out about a week ago, new sod has been laid, the tangle of old wild rose bushes and tree-choking wild grape vines that run along the creek to the left of the trail are being cleared out, and new light poles just need the light fixtures.

To see what it looked like a month ago, see this blog post.

Come have a look for yourself! Bring a picnic lunch and stay a while. Just be sure to make good use of the garbage and recycle bins, or you may find yourself being chastised by some of the locals.