Saturday, July 19, 2008

Waterfront Trail Port Credit Mississauga Ontario

Construction of the Waterfront Trail through Rhododendron Gardens park in the Port Credit area of Mississauga is well under way this summer. (see Waterfront Trail site for details of the Trail)
This picture shows the new trail being cut from the Garden entrance at Shawmarr and Lakeshore in Port Credit. Currently the Waterfront Trail access is a block east of this intersection, at Godfrey's Lane. This new trail section will run along the creek in the Gardens, over the foot bridge at the lakeshore, across the field near the Tamaracks (photos), then rejoin Godfreys' Lane.

Heavy duty earthmoving equipment is cutting a new trail from the parking lot along the creek that runs through the Gardens and enters Lake Ontario about half a kilometer from here.

Along this new section of Waterfront Trail, the City of Mississauga Parks and Recreation Dept has planted about 15 new trees. As well, the gardeners have planted hundreds of new rhododendrons, an entirely new rose garden, dozens of hostas and relocated several mature azaleas.

The intersection (above picture) is Lakeshore Road and Shawnmarr. Parking is by permit only on weekends at the Gardens parking lot, but onstreet parking is available on Shawnmarr. There is also a Mississauga Transit bus stop at this intersection (bus No. 23).

When this new section of trail re-enters Godfrey's Lane it merges with Ben Machree and is well-signed. The trail passes through a block or so of city street, then rejoins the lakeshore trail, where you get these wonderful views into Toronto. Note the CN Tower on the skyline.

See new pictures of the Waterfront Trail on this updated August 29 2008 post.

Have a look at the Google Map for this part of the Waterfront Trail. The trail is not marked clearly on this map, but move the image to follow along the lake into Port Credit.

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