Saturday, May 05, 2007

Flights UK Canada :: Canadian Affair

Check the
web site for a company called Canadian Affair, who are also offering cheap flights between Canada and the U.K. (Britain $49 one way).

I don't know about you but those type of sell off prices always grab my attention, so I poppped over to play a bit.

I checked flights outbound, leaving Toronto on May 11/07 for London Heathrow, and returning a week later -- May 19.

The carrier turns out to be Air Transat; the outbound flight departs on Friday night just before midnight (ie a 'red eye'); the cost is $349. The return flight (inbound to Toronto) departs LHR just after one in the afternoon, and is showing as $50.

With taxes, the full price shown for a web booking at that time is $690.50 CAD ($623.88 USD) -- not a huge saving on that particular flight, but at lesst a few hundred dollars off the usual fares, and therefore worth checking further for those planning to travel.

Canadian Affair is shown as the 'trading name of a publicly owned company called The Airline Seat Company Limited, the UK's leading tour operator to Canada.'

Sears Canada currently has a promotion of freebie tickets for two to London for customers meeting criteria for purchases, which got me pretty excited, too. Free and Flights are two words that always catch my eye. Now seeing the low fares in today's paper, I have to wonder what's driving the push on UK travel this summer. Usually it's a no-brainer as expats on both sides of the Atlantic typically wait till summer (high season) to travel.

Update December 2008 :
See more info on cheap UK flights as I plan my trip to the UK for Spring 2009.