Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jack Darling - Mississauga Park Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail in Winter

Though the Waterfront Trail along Lake Ontario in Mississauga is not maintained (kept clear of snow and ice) during the winter months, I decided to take my chances, as the snow was not too deep. On this chilly day, with a north wind blowing, I came to the lookout point at Jack Darling Park.

Toronto C N Tower Viewed across Lake Ontario from Jack Darling Park Lookout.
The lookout point at Jack Darling Park has arguably the best view of Toronto from this area, with the C N Tower the best landmark. This photo gives an idea of the distance from Mississauga, looking east to downtown Toronto - about 20 km (about 12.5 miles), though it may be less as the crow flies.

Lake Ontario Waterfront at Jack Darling Park, looking west towards Hamilton.
The weak winter sun highlighting the ice at the water's edge made a nice shot. And although I much prefer spring, summer and fall weather, I must admit, winter scenes can be lovely -- cold, snowy, wet, slushy, icy and miserable -- but sometimes, like now, quite lovely.

Close Up View of Beach at Jack Darling Park in Winter
Close up in my camera lens, the beach where water met sandy ice, looked like a still life drawing.

Canada Geese and Ice Covered Rocks - Lake Ontario Jack Darling Park Mississauga
Though I kept an eye out for any of the Canada Geese that might wander up to me looking for food, I managed to get a few shots of these geese at the shoreline. I loved how the colors of the rocky, sandy, snowy landscape matched the colors of the Canada geese. You can see how fluffy they are with their winter feathers.

The Waterfront Trail through the park is blocked in some areas as it heads west to Rattray Marsh. Construction in the park is ongoing throughout the winter, with completion set for Spring 2009. During construction, the leash free area has been removed, with many dog owners using nearby Rhododendron Gardens as a substitute leash free area, although the Gardens are NOT leash free.

Jack Darling Park is a Mississauga Ontario Canada Park. More Info at City of Mississauga (new page will open).

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UPDATE new pictures April 2009

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