Sunday, June 03, 2007

Now in Port Credit (Mississauga) Canada

It's been a few weeks, but I am back on the blog now, from my new home in Port Credit (albeit in Safari instead of FF, which my techie guy Alec says to try for a bit. But in Safari on Blogger, I dont' see any edit tags etc in a menu bar -- just spell check and images)

We've been painting and sanding and packing and unpacking for what seems forever, but are making some headway* finally.

(*Headway = taking up the sheets of brown paper taped to the new floor (to protect the carbonized vertical bamboo from heavy traffic whilst renovating), and they are indeed lovely!) And I am a total pro in picking off the packing tape from boxes so they can be returned to the moving company.

This move feels the same as being on a trip: Living out of a suitcase with minimal articles of clothing; eating unfamiliar foods, drinking bottled water, no easy access to laundry facilities, fairly rigid daily itinerary, unfamiliar shops and banking, and most of all, expensive!

But as with a good trip, so with a move of residences :: You're more than ready to get home after a bit, and with a sense of having done something wonderful. And that is what makes both very worth while.

Dec. 2007 : new page added: Here's why I bought a condo in Port Credit.