Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Lot of Bang For my Buck!

Back home after a three-week absence that seems more like six months! What a great trip!

I've been on ferries, long boats and motor boats, buses, vans, cars and trucks, sampans and junks, large planes and small, boardwalks and canopy walks, palm-ringed beaches and snow-topped mountains, drenched in the tropical rain forest and cold in sagebrush-strewn near-desert, wandered through guano in cathedral-sized caves and hiked to the Giant Buddha.

I've seen giant butterflies and moths, orang utans and marmots and millions of bats, had a gecko 'bark' at me and stood still for a steer, learned how ginseng is farmed and eaten soft bones baked in a pear.

In short, I got my money's worth! You should go.