Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Larch Tamarack Maple Oak Trees Late Autumn Mississauga Ontario

Clear skies and brilliant sunshine sent the gift of late fall colors to trees in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada). I took this picture two days ago, and tonight, there are snowflakes drifting down. How fleeting the last days of Autumn!

Oak Tree Port Credit
This oak stands in the small park -- Ben MachreePark -- where Godfrey's Lane curves around to Ben Machree, overlooking Lake Ontario (see googlemap below).

Maple Trees and more : Fall in Port Credit
Lake Ontario is the flash of blue lower left; the background trees obscure a bench with a memorial plaque.

Tamarack (Larch) Trees in Rhododendron Gardens Mississauga
Tamarack or larch trees are a deciduous evergreen. To see a picture of these same trees on the first day of summer, go to this post:

Close up of Larch / Tamarack needles and cones in Autumn
The Waterfront Trail runs through Rhododendron Gardens, and for the first year ever, this section of the trail and the section that runs along the Lake Ontario shoreline east of here will receive winter maintenance. Winter maintenance, as well as newly installed lighting, will help turn these Gardens into an all season attraction.

Map of this area: (note-- on this map, Cranberry Cove Park is actually Rhododendron Gardens, and has been for some time)

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