Friday, October 26, 2007

Bermuda Winter Getaway : Comparing Flights, Weather,currency

After checking the flights and air costs from Toronto to Costa Rica and the Turks and Caicos, (see my previous post), I checked for flights to Bermuda (BDA is the airport code; flights land in Hamilton, Bermuda).

I went directly to the Air Canada site, as I knew it was one of their destinations. Still using the random dates for travel of February 8-15, the Air Canada fare, tax included, is $545.00. That's the lowest of the three, and no free food en route. I miss free food, as bad as it sometimes was. Canadian and U.S. dollars, among others, are on par right now.

Bermuda is further east into the Atlantic, and the Turks are just north of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Flying time from Toronto to Bermuda is given as 2 hours, and to the Turks as about 3 hours. Costa Rica, south of Mexico and north of Panama, is about 5 hours.

One of the Bermuda sites I checked listed a few package tours, which included air flight and hotels, but no meals or drinks.

To recap:

Destination: (via Air Canada from Toronto)
Bermuda flight : $545.00
Turks and Caicos flight : $1,237.00
Costa Rica flight : $974.00

Flying time:
Bermuda : 2+ hours
Turks and Caicos : 3+ hours
Costa Rica : 5+ hours

Bermuda : Bermuda dollar BMD is on par with US/ CAD
Turks and Caicos : U.S dollar; no difference.
Costa Rica : Costa Rica colon CTC : 517 colones = $1 U.S.

Weather in February:
Bermuda: pleasant but not hot.
Turks and Caicos : hot, maybe rainy. Will have to check rainy seasons.
Costa Rica : depends on mountains or beaches, and also if it's the rainy season.

On the surface, Bermuda seems a good choice time and money-wise. Last night I checked for hotels in Bermuda. I've stayed at the big chain resorts in the past, so I thought I'd look for something a little different. A few interesting possibilities, including some with housekeeping suites (great for making snacks, or breakfast, when you don't feel like getting dressed and going out in public). Even though February is still off season, the prices would be about $200/day, not including my spa time. Spa treatments run around $80-$100 each.

As a relatively small island nation, prices in Bermuda are high compared to Toronto, since most goods are imported. (Not as bad as the Caymens, though, where, at one time anyhow, a box of Special K cereal cost $8 U.S.)

I would budget about $100/day for meals, though it's just a working amount for now. I think Turks are expensive, too, but I will keep an open mind. I don't mind splashing out a few bob, as they say, for something I really want, or will really enjoy. But all things being more or less equal, I am going to go for value for money every time.

Tonight, I'll look for hotels and packages to Costa Rica, and try to find some possible resorts in Turks, and get back to you.