Friday, December 19, 2008

Ontario Canada Snow Storm Port Credit Lakeshore and Shawnmarr

I took this picture the day before yesterday, at the Lakeshore Road and Shawnmarr Road intersection in Port Credit (Mississauga Ontario, Canada). Note: No Snow. At all.

Lakeshore and Shawnmarr roads Port Credit
Early this morning, the wind picked up and the snow started blowing.

Lakeshore and Shawnmarr roads Blowing Snow
I took this photo from almost the same location as the first one. (I couldn't tell where the path was under the snow.) By noon, this parking lot was snow covered, and the traffic lights barely visible. Cars driving along Lakeshore eastbound (toward the Port Credit lighthouse) had trouble getting up the hill.

Port Credit Townhouse -- Blowing Snow Makes Snow Drifts
I took this picture outside my front door to show the blowing snow on the rooftops. The winds were gusting up to 60 km per hour (37 mph), and the temperature was about minus 7 C (19 F). When there are high winds and low temps, there's a wind chill: How cold the temperature really feels. The wind chill effectively made the temperature minus 15 C (5 F).

Swans on Lake Ontario Shoreline - Winter Snow Storm
Too cold and windy a snowstorm for these swans, who seemed to be waiting out the storm along the shoreline. I walked through the new snow in Rhododendron Gardens and headed towards the lake to see if the wind was setting up waves, and how large.

Swans Lake Ontario in Winter
The still photos don't do the waves justice, and really, neither does the video. I had my little Canon Powershot A530, and though it's a good little camera and I do treat it roughly, it cannot film as well as a proper camcorder would.

But here you go, for what it's worth -- a Lake Ontario winter snowstorm in Mississauga. By the way, an hour and some minutes after I returned home, my face still has patches of bright red. That's the thing with a good wind chill -- you can get frostbite before you know it.

See Video here if not showing on page.

December 20 2008 - Wonder how the intersection of Shawnmarr and Lakeshore looked today?

Day After the Snow Storm
See more pictures from December 20 2008 - The sun makes it all gorgeous! The snow plows make it easy to get around :-)