Friday, February 20, 2009

Port Credit Restaurants are Harbour-licious !

Harbourlicious is on right now until March 22 at five restaurants in Port Credit (Mississauga, Ontario) : TEN Restaurant and Wine Bar, Ridgetown Pub, Lake Affect, Breakwater Restaurant and Snug Harbour. I've eaten at them all (not on the same day or even week!) except for Ridgetown Pub, and I will remedy that oversight as soon as I can. Ridgetown Pub is at 170 Lakeshore Road East, about a block east of Hurontario and Lakeshore.

These restaurants / gastro pub are all within a few blocks of each other, and are on Lakeshore Road or within a block of Lakeshore, on the east side (Toronto side) of the Credit River. See contact links at the bottom.
TEN Restaurant and Wine Bar (Hurontario and Lakeshore) has different specials on each night, with a prix fixe menu on Sundays.

Snug Harbour (marina, across from Lighthouse) has half price entres Sundays to Thursdays, as I wrote about last week. See this post for details. We stopped in here at New Years 2011 and noticed that the special is on again:

January 2012: Half price entrees on now to February 28, 2012
2 Jan – 28 Feb 2012.
Half Priced Entre
I haven't been to Lake Affect for a few months, but as I recall, they made a very good chili for a fundraiser. Lake Affect is off Port Street, across from Breakwater Restaurant in the Waterside Inn, a block south of Lakeshore and east of Snug Harbour. See Googlemap Breakwater for location. There's lots of free parking; enter the parking lot from Port Street and drive to the far side. You'll see the sign, beside The Store.
The Breakwater Restaurant in the Waterside Inn (you'll see it as soon as you turn south on Stavebank from Lakeshore) has a prix fixe menu for lunch and dinner, according to time of day and with or without wine.
Most restaurants and pubs in Port Credit serve beers from our local brewery, Old Credit Brewery (Mississauga Road and Queen Street (train tracks north of Lakeshore).

Rather than re-type all the details of the various Harbourlicious specials, see them here at Discover Port Credit.

For TEN Restaurant and Breakwater, see also my Mississauga Restaurants page.