Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snug Harbour Port Credit Winter Dinner Specials - Free Swan and Lighthouse Views

(See Update bottom of page) Snug Harbour restaurant, located at the mouth of the river and across the bridge from the lighthouse in Port Credit has, arguably, the best location of any of the hundreds of places to eat in Mississauga.

Even if the food was unpalatable and the staff unpleasant (and this is not the case at all!), Snug Harbour views and great patio overlooking the Credit River would still be a huge draw.

There's even a riverside walkway for after dinner strolling -- south towards the lake, or west across the river to Saddington Park, or north along the walkway under the bridge on Lakeshore Road into Memorial Park. During the summertime festivals in Port Credit, Snug Harbour has the best location. You can't buy this type of outdoor ambiance any more. Kudos to whomever grabbed this property up!

Swan Near Lighthouse in Port Credit
As winter ends, and the swans migrate again, someone leaves grain here for the swans, usually a it later in the year. A few of these birds were looking for it in the parking lot.

Here's a video of the swans, geese and ducks on the river ice, backdropped by Snug Harbour.

Swans on Credit River Across From Snug Harbour

-See what I mean about the location? When you're stuck for dinner conversation, just watch the birds! (In summer, the boats, sea-doos, canoes, kayaks and dragon boats.)

Lake Ontario Bay -- Port Credit -- Waterfront Trail
About a ten-minute walk from Saddington Park, where the Waterfront Trail takes you along the Lake past the PetroCanada lands, this small bay was covered in the oddest slushy-looking ovoid shapes. Here's a close up (below):

Close up Ice Lake Ontario Port Credit
If anyone knows how these shapes came to be formed, please let me know. How cool (no pun) are they? Is it simply wave action on melting ice?

Anyhow, getting back to the winter dinner specials: An email from Snug Harbour Restaurant says that from now until March 31, Sundays to Thursdays inclusive, from 5 p.m.to closing, Snug Harbour is offering half-price entrees.

Now if getting fed, and saving money in a place with 'Snug' in its name doesn't take the chill off this snowy winter weather, I don't know what would!

More Info:
Snug Harbour.com

Update November 2009: From Snug Harbour:


Karen said...

Last night I took advantage of the Snug Harbour winter special and really enjoyed the meal.

The Alaska Halibut and the Digby Scallops were both very good, and both served with lightly steamed, hint-of-garlic buttered French green beans and broccoli, a square of baked squash, and two small roast potatoes in jackets.

There was standing room only on Sunday night, but on Thursday night (last night), without a reservation, we only waited a few minutes to be seated and table service was prompt.

I plan to go back for another meal before the special ends March 31.

Karen said...

Stopped in to Snug Harbour at New Year's and saw that the half price entrees are in effect from now until the end of February 2012.

Will try and get back to take advantage of this.

BTW had an excellent server - Jay - really profesh and a nice job!

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