Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Port Credit Stavebank-Lakeshore Intersection Alternative Seems a Good One!

Update October 5 2009: Environmental Assessment completed per City of Mississauga letter to stakeholders. Project file report public review period Oct 01 to Oct 30 2009 at Port Credit library: 20 Lakeshore Road East of Credit River. Contact details bottom of original post.
Finally! The proposed fix for the Port Credit (Ontario) intersection of Stavebank and Lakeshore Road in Mississauga! And I, for one (though there are many more), love it!

It seems to be the most workable suggestion for improving this confusing bottleneck that baffles locals and visitors alike.

Here's the graphic presented at a public information meeting last night at the Port Credit library.

From South: Alternative Intersection Stavebank-Lakeshore Road

The alternative to the current confusion presupposes the -- umm -- 'removal' of the present CIBC building on the south east corner. And this didn't seem to be an issue for anyone I spoke to last night. One long-time CIBC (Bank of Commerce) customer said he'd welcome the bank's relocation to a spot that afforded more parking spaces and easier access.

From North: Alternative Intersection Stavebank-Lakeshore Road

In this view, you are northeast of the intersection looking at the Post Office building on the southwest corner. While you are here, note the two-storey and one-storey section of the post office: The two-storey section may be designated a Heritage Mississauga site, but not until after the property (currently for sale by its Government of Canada owner) has been sold.

The newer, one-storey section I would happily see removed to open up the sight line to the marina, Credit River, Lake Ontario and Snug Harbour restaurant. (Trim the trees, too, City of Mississauga! Don't hide million-dollar views!)

Stavebank Road - Lakeshore Road CIBC Building

I took this photo standing on the north west corner, looking across to the CIBC on the southeast corner. The proposed realignment of Stavebank Road would have Stavebank southbound (through) lanes passing directly over the land now occupied by this building.

Stavebank Road - Lakeshore Road Canada Post Building

I stepped out onto Stavebank to take this view (right in front of the newly-larger Pump House Grille). The CIBC building is behind the green tree; the Waterside Inn is the multi-level building behind and above the CIBC. (Pity the Inn doesn't have a sign somewhere up there to ID it.)

What Happens Next? Stavebank-Lakeshore Road Intersection

City staff on hand for the presentation asked those present to fill in comment forms, and list any questions, issues, etc. that required a more detailed response. Allow about 30 days for them to reply to any issues, and another 30 days or so for final plans to be drawn. Then maybe another meeting, and hopefully work can begin.

If you missed this meeting, and would like more information, you have until Tuesday June 30, 2009 to contact either of two City of Mississauga staff (NB: Remove space before @ sign in emails):
Chris Tye 905-615-3200 X 5798 chris.tye
Abdul Shaikh 905-615-3200 X3734 abdul.shaikh


Whether you live in Port Credit, or just pass through on the Lakeshore from time to time, you'll likely have noticed how Lakeshore Road through traffic grinds to a halt when vehicles try to turn off Lakeshore on Stavebank Road -- either south towards the lake, Waterside, Snug Harbour, Park etc or north to the GO station, arena, library, churches etc.

And with Stavebank South and North off-set (ie a dog-leg intersection) and the crosswalks and traffic signals at odds with turning traffic, we are all amazed that there are not more serious accidents. A rep from TOPCA theorized that the accident level is not much higher chiefly due to the fact that motorists are so confused, they go 'HUH?' and slow down wondering where to go.

If you have any information or comments, please add them below.