Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lighthouse Restaurant - Snug Harbour, Girasole, Hook's, Breakwater at Waterside Inn

I'm often asked about the restaurant 'at the lighthouse' in Port Credit, and it's hard to know which restaurant they want. There are any number of restaurants along the lakeshore in Mississauga, though as far as I know, none are right on the lake, and none that are called The Lighthouse Restaurant.

Snug Harbour on the Credit River near the lighthouse

Snug Harbour could be called the 'lighthouse restaurant', since it is located just across the river from the landmark lighthouse in Port Credit. This picture shows Snug Harbour (green roof) and patio overlooking marina and river. Lake Ontario is the thin line of blue on the horizon.

Snug Harbour  Looking Out at Lighthouse
 I took this picture on a late-winter night, and the view is still gorgeous, even when it's not summer.

I often go for lunch or dinner at Snug Harbour, and frankly, its big draw is 'location, location, location'. The food is all right (though the chef did do an amazing chili for the Great Chili cook-Off last year) (and I love their spicy garlic mayonnaise for my chips), but the service is uneven. Sometimes you can sit for ages watching staff have wonderfully long chats among themselves, and other times are served fairly quickly.

Girasole Mediterranean on Lakeshore near lighthouse in Port Credit

And Girasole Mediterranean is just steps from the lighthouse in Port Credit, but in the opposite direction. And while there is a patio out front, there are no water views to be had. As of June 2011, there is a sign in the window advising 'closed for renovations'. This is peak tourist and visitor time in Port Credit, and it's a shame the doors are closed.

Breakwater Restaurant, Waterside Inn

And then there's the Breakwater, in the Waterside Inn. Located on Stavebank Road South, the Breakwater overlooks part of the marina on the Credit River.

Hook's Grille near lighthouse

As of late  summer, 2010, Hook's closed. Over the winter, new owners did extensive renovations, and this location next to the Port Credit library is reborn as Papa Guiseppe's pizza resto. Though I haven't been there as yet, neighbours say the food is very good.

Another new spot in 2011 is Napoca, just east of here along Lakeshore Road. Napoca is the place with the long narrow patio area out front, and specializes in cooking from scratch - and free range chicken. Our meal was delicious, and the staff most friendly.

And there are many more pubs and places to eat, all along this strip east from Mississauga Road along the Lakeshore. Even Ten Restaurant and Wine Bar -- though definitely NOT the Lighthouse Restaurant -- is only a short stroll from Lake Ontario and the Waterfront Trail.

Most Port Credit eateries serve brunch daily or on weekends, or will be happy to accommodate you.

I've posted info about Girasole, Ten, and Breakwater on my Mississauga restaurant pages at Snapshot Journeys mississauga restaurants, and on this blog, many other ones as well - try searching labels for 'port credit restaurants' (sometimes this works, but sometimes I cannot find a thing!)

Or have a look at this Google Map set to Snug Harbour, then enter other restaurant names to pinpoint their locations.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, not to mention Helen's and Starbucks - the Sunset Grill and Lake Affects - you're right, we sure do have a lot of restaurants "on the waterfront".
Great blog, you're doing what I should be doing! Keep it up!!

Ellen Timms, General Manager, Port Credit Business Association

Karen said...

Hi Ellen!

Yes, I thought about including Starbucks -- not really a restaurant on par with the others - but I take your point - and Helen's, too, tucked in behind Starbucks.

Sunset Grill -- a chain, but yes, technically could be included. I really like all the unique family owned places.

Lake Ontario and the Credit River are hugely popular year round, but especially so in the heat of summer.

Maybe we should do a sign or poster listing all the neat places to eat or have a drink. I bet you could go to a different place every night for the better part of three weeks!

And thanks for your kind comment about the blog. You do more than enough -- let the rest of us give you a hand.

PS How did you get the red stripes down the center of Lakeshore Road? That's the coolest thing ever! (There's a picture on the July 1 Canada Day post.)

Travel Professional said...

hi karen, where exactly is this??

Karen said...

ummm Where is what?

The general area? A specific resto?

The google map above should show you exactly where this is. Is the image not appearing?

Let me know what you mean, exactly.


Karen said...

Hi I am looking for some place to take a friend during his layover in Toronto. He is here for 6 hours and I wanted to take him near a waterfront area to start off with for coffee/drinks then later for an early dinner before his flight leaves. Just need a place to hang out, catch up etc away from the airport. I thought Port Credit was close enough to the airport compared to going downtown Toronto. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Karen said...

Driving from Port Credit to airport, allow a good half hour, depending on traffic. Usually easier to take the 427 to QEW west to Hurontario/ highway 10 South to Llakeshore.

Can get coffee in Port Credit and walk along Lake/River.

Snug Harbour is the restaurant right out on the river, close to the Lake for drinks, coffee.

There's a new Timmy's NE corner of Lakeshore and Hurontario coffee, walk south on Hurontario and along Lakefront. Also Second Cup, Starbucks on Lakeshore west side of bridge.

Walk / drive south to Saddington Park, or cross the bridge to east side and around Snug Harbour to end of pier.

Dinner - Girasole not open, but Snug Harbour on the water or TEN at Lakeshore and Hurontario is nice.

Also Pump House Grille though a little livelier and not good for quiet talks.

Lago Shore Grille also nice, right on Lakeshore.

Then to return to airport can retrace route or go north on Hurontario to 403 east.

Karen K said...

Thank-you so much for your prompt reply. I will take all your suggestions into consideration and let you know how it goes! Are there little shops in the area to check out along the harbour?

Karen said...
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Karen said...

Once more, without typos:

Shops - some craft-y ones both west and east of Hurontario, lots of boutique ladies clothing - nice ice cream shop Scoops is open, running gear, mostly pubs and places to eat.

Lots of boats in marinas, charter fishing boats at dock near the lighthouse, interpretive walk on east bank of river north of Lakeshore, rowing club , dragon boats practice and race along river.

Lots of waterfowl and fishermen - there's always something going on :-)

OH - a few blocks west of Mississauga Road is Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens - peak blooming time now to first week in June. Nice lookout over the lake a short walk from the parking lot at Shawnmarr and Lakeshore Road West.

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