Thursday, July 02, 2009

Flowers, Sailboats Lake Ontario, Sunset - Random Photos of Port Credit

As the rain pours down yet again, I am using the time to tidy up my iPhoto pictures: Labeling Events, Faces, and pictures. And in the process, I came across some misfiled photos, and thought I'd post them here. There's a rhododendron, a cleome, and a red bud tree in full bloom.

And sailboats with spinnakers on Lake Ontario, and a neat cloud formation and two photos of the sunset the other night. Here you go!

Mauve Rhododendron

The Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens are across the street from my house, so I do take a lot of pictures of them. This beauty, whose name I forget just now, is always a lovely show in early June.

Red Bud Tree in Full Bloom

I took this picture of the red bud tree beside Snug Harbour restaurant in Port Credit. I didn't know the name until the head gardener at BRG (Brueckner Rhodo Gardens) showed me the same trees at the gardens. They remind me of jacarandas, and make me think of two of my favourite cities -- Sydney (Australia) and Buenos Aires -- in spring.

Waterfront Trail Views of Lake Ontario Sailboats and Spinnakers

The Waterfront Trail runs along Lake Ontario in Port Credit, through the BRG. I know. I am spoiled living in such a fabulous location. The views change daily, according to weather and time of day, and I never get tired of them.

Clouds over Lake Ontario at Port Credit Mississauga

Another view of the Lake from the Waterfront Trail. Coyotes have been seen at dusk and into the evening, but I've only seen one once, and through the fence along the trail. It didn't take any notice of me, but then I wasn't walking a small dog.

White, Pink Cleomes in Full Bloom

Cleomes are one of my favourite flowers! They are perfect for the lazier type of gardener, as they grow fast and tall without fertilizer, they don't mind drought / dry conditions, they aren't fussy about soil, and they bloom lavishly all summer long and into the fall.

And cleome have the added benefit of thorny stems that surprise animals and humans who would run through the flower beds. Oh, and they usually seed themselves. Just give them time in the spring to make themselves known, and you don't have to buy new plants each spring.

Sunset over Port Credit - One

I took this picture through my bedroom window - literally. Glass and all! That my little Canon digital did such a good job is just another reason I love my Canon cameras.

Sunset over Port Credit - One

What caught my eye with this sunset is how clearly the incoming frontal system is shown. Oh, yes, the vivid colors, too! But you can actually see the system passing overhead.

That's it for this iPhoto clean up. I really must get to work. Hope you enjoy these pictures of my little part of Canada!