Saturday, September 19, 2009

Doors Open Mississauga Behind Scenes St. Peters, Islamic Society North America Canada

Doors Open Mississauga 2011 is Saturday October 1 from 10 to 4.
Check out the Lighthouse in Port Credit!

Doors Open Mississauga 2010 Listed Here

September 2009 : Doors Open Mississauga is on today and I hope to get a behind the scenes look at at least two of the participating venues.

St Peter's Anglican Church Mississauga Ontario

One Doors Open I hope to visit is St Peter's Anglican Church at Dundas and Mississauga Road in Mississauga (googlemap).

The second one is Islamic Society of North America Canada (ISNAC) on South Sheridan Way west of Southdown Road (google map).

A few years ago, I took in some Doors Open in the Port Credit area of Mississauga, and really enjoyed the tours.

That day, as I remember, the weather was rainy, blustery and not at all nice for walking tours. Today, though chilly, it's nice and sunny and promises to be a great day for Doors Open.

Looking at the full list (link at bottom of page), none of the wonderful places that opened their doors a few years ago are on the list for this year.

I guess when it comes to events like Doors Open, you have to Carpe Diem - you have to go when the Doors are Open, as they may not open again for a very long time.

Clarke Memorial Hall Port Credit Mississauga

In Port Credit, we had tours of Clarke Memorial Hall, the Freedom Hall next to it, one of the churches and something else whose name escapes me just now.

Also on the list for this year's Doors Open is Fire and Emergency Training Institute; Jo-Anne in Meadowvale writes:

"I will be attending this following event Saturday September 19, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. I went to it last year and it was excellent!!!"
The GTAA (Greater Toronto Airport Authority) has partnered with the City of Mississauga’s Culture Division to participate in Doors Open Mississauga on Saturday September 19. The Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI) at Toronto Pearson has been chosen as a feature site for the program.

And so if I am to take in the tour of St Peter's Church, I'd better get going!

Some years back, when I was doing a story on the Erindale area of Mississauga, where this church is located, I met with a few committee members at the church, and got a taste of what a wonderful building it is.

And I was there again, when doing a story on the Glenerin Inn, whose original owner is buried in the cemetary behind this church (photos this page).

I remember at that time saying to my guide, "Why is St Peter's not on a list of Mississauga Tours or Attractions? This is fabulous!"

Other interesting buildings that are open today include The Grange-Adamson House (seen it - it's great!), Mississauga Civic Centre (seen it, also great!), and Bradley Museum on Orr Road (ditto, ditto).

See Full list of Doors Open at Doors Open Mississauga