Friday, March 21, 2008

Port Credit Ontario Lunch for Swans, Geese

A very chilly Good Friday in lovely downtown Port Credit, with the sun shining weakly, and a north wind nipping at ears and fingers! But these birds along the west bank of the Credit River at Lake Ontario didn't seem to mind.
The birds were too intent on eating the grain someone had put out for them to bother much with people, but even so, I kept one eye on the view finder and the other one on the view, as geese can give you quite a good bite if they want to. My grandmother used her geese on the farm as watch dogs. Turkeys make good watch dogs, too, come to think of it.

This long necked swan was warning off the interloper -- for a moment, I thought they might come to wing-blows. With the temperatures in Port Credit (which is often warmer in winter than more northerly areas of Mississauga) hovering just above freezing during the day, and dipping below zero at night, the birds might be thinking it's time to start this year's family.

I hope not, as Spring is not watching the calendar this year, and is not likely to appear for at least another month. For while this type of weather perfectly suits maple syrup production (photos), it's definitely not suitable for cygnets!