Saturday, October 14, 2006

Snowstorm Wreaks Havoc Around Great lakes

New video on last night's late night news showed the terrible damage from the sudden and early snowstorm that hit Ontario and western New York state Thursday and Friday. Apparently 300,000 homes are without power, and will be without until Monday or later.

Though the sun is shining here, the winds are still fierce. I cannot imagine what those affected by the power outages are enduring! Were I in the same straits, I'd be hard pressed for ways to heat my house. Though I keep magneto-type flashlights for emergency light (I don't like candles as the smoke can build up during a long outage and make it hard to breath, and make your smoke alarms shriek when the power comes back on), I have no wood-burning fireplace. And what about all the apartment dwellers?

To paraphrase a Western Canada insult being flung about back in the 80s, I guess I'd freeze in the dark! As for those living in the affected areas, hang in there . . . If nothing else, this unexpected emergency can teach all of us a lesson about being prepared.