Monday, May 14, 2007

Port Credit Lighthouse at Lake Ontario

I took this photo of the lighthouse at Port Credit in Mississauga tonight after dinner (fish and chips, thanks) at Snug Harbour. We'd been working on the new house all day and this lighthouse, and Snug Harbour, are close to my new home.

Rain drops were spattering, the wind was brisk, and the temperature decidedly chilly. Even so, a few hardy kayakers were out and about, though a group (bunch? gaggle?) of swans were hugging the river bank, in the area where charter fishing boats will soon moor.

The bridge (car in photo) is Lakeshore Road. While Hurontario Street (Highway 10) is used as the dividing line between East and West designated streets in Mississauga, here in Port Credit, the Credit River is the east-west dividing line, which can be confusing even for residents.

The east bank of the Credit River is given to the Credit Village Marina (sign), and this walkway is part of the Waterfront Trail.

There are more photos of Mississauga at my page.