Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tourist in my Own Land

For the past decade, most of my travels have taken me outside Canada. Those domestic trips I did take, mostly to British Columbia, were for family visits or events, and as such, I did not consider them to be 'traveling'. Familiarity had bred contempt. I took the area for granted.

But in early May, when I spent a week in and around Kamloops, I was determined to look at the region with new eyes. Tourist eyes. What I saw, and what my photos confirm, is that the area has much to offer visitors, starting with incredible scenery and working around to interesting activities and diversions.

And so, along with return visits to Malaysia and Australia (I have yet to see the west coast), I am making plans to see more of my own country. All except the extreme northern regions, like Pond Inlet and Frosbisher Bay. The air fare isn't bad, but the land costs are out of my reach.

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