Friday, January 06, 2012

Costa Rica Birds Poas Carera : In the Wild In the Aviary

Costa Rica's exotic birds and wildlife are a big draw for travelers; this Central America country is home to hundreds of species that inhabit its rainforests, volcano slopes and coastal plains. Here are some pictures of a toucan, hummingbirds, a grey heron and more, photographed at Poas botanical garden (north of San Jose) and Carera National Park (west of San Jose, near the Pacific Coast).

Hummingbirds Costa Rica ID Signpost
 Near Poas National Park, a hummingbird aviary posts a large identification sign to help visitors learn the names of the many different types of this fast-moving bird.

Orange Fronted Blue Back and Wings Bird Costa Rica
Don't know the name of this colorful little bird, but will try and track it down. Photographed in the aviary area at Poas.

Scarlet Macaw Poas Botanic Garden Aviary
 The brilliant red feathers of this Scarlet Macaw brightened up a misty day in Poas National Park. The screening outlines the size of the aviary; would that this bird was free, not caged, but happy for the chance to see it close up.

Toucan Poas Costa Rica Aviary
 Toucans are the star of this aviary show, and this fellow was a true performer. The tour guide presented his forearm for the toucan to use as a perch, chatting with him all the while. The guide then transferred the toucan to visitors' shoulders for picture taking. A very sociable bird.

Chestnut-mandibled Toucan Sign Poas Costa Rica
 This aviary was nicely signed with information boards for many birds, instructing us that this toucan was the chestnut-mandibled variety.

Toucan on Poas Park Office Railing
 No aviary nor cage needed for this toucan perched on the park office building rail surveying the passing tourists. (You can see the raindrops on my camera lens. Very wet day!)

Night Heron Costa Rica Pacific Coast
On a day trip to Punta Leona, we took a river boat ride. Several types of heron make their home in the trees along the riverbank, including this Night Heron. At least, that's what I noted in my book when the tour guide ID'd it.

Great Blue Heron - Carera National Park CR
 Great blue herons spend their summers in North America, including my home in Mississauga. Sensibly, they winter in Costa Rica, where I spotted this fellow in early January.
Hummingbird at Feeder  Poas NP Aviary
 Feeders attract hummingbirds in this special aviary at Poas. The entire aviary area is screened in jungle/ rainforest, and large enough to hold birds, habitat and visitors.

Green Hummingbirds Poas Costa Rica
 Here's a wider shot of the hummingbird aviary at Poas.

Gray Hawk Poas Aviary
Gray hawk in the aviary: Would that these birds were free. How much more exciting for birders  to see birds in the wild. The aviary does provide refuge from predators, and vet care for sick or injured birds, but once they are well, off they go!

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