Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hiking in Ontario, Biking in Quebec

Visitors to Eastern Canada who prefer a more active holiday, but with a bit of comfort, might like to have a look at the offerings of two tours, selected more or less at random, that fit the bill.

In Ontario, Something's Afoot has a good selection of walking tours. My mom took one of their day trips, and really enjoyed it. A nice balance of countryside, moderate exercise and good food, and a tour guide who knew her stuff.

In Quebec, you can Bike Inn to Inn where each of the inns offers luxe accomodations and great food, and your luggage is sent on by van. I don't know about you, but the idea of being to be able to cycle through the countryside and not give a thought to having to retrace my route appeals to me. Add to that a few good meals and I'm a happy camper without having to set foot in a tent.

Both sites have details about dates, pricing etc. so check there for specifics and photos (new page will open). For more photos of southern Ontario, you can check my photo site at Snapshot Journeys Canada.