Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Excess Baggage = Excess Baggage?

This morning's paper had a travel-related story that caught my eye. I made mention of how *what clothes* people take on pleasure trips (not business) is highly individual, and that the list of those items they choose to take is almost set in stone.

This struck a chord, for I am a born-again light packer (see Snapshot Journeys What to Pack), and if *I* can change, and for the better, so can most anyone. Now, I can't imagine carting all those heavy suitcases, and look on with pity and awe when I see other travelers struggling to manhandle 3 or more bags through airports, hotels and cabs. Are they immigrating? No, just on holiday for a week or two. (I usually ask. If they are immigrating, I am interested to find out why, and where.)

And it made me realize that the compulsion to bring along excess baggage with enough clothing to cover ever possible contingency for wardrobe changes is a 'security blanket', something familiar and comforting to those travelers who are outside their comfort zone. And like a toddler's security blanket, when they finally give it up, its a sign of growth, and that they are secure within themselves. At least, that's what I think.