Monday, July 28, 2008

Ski in Australia This Winter!

It's cold and snowy enough to make this a great ski season in Australia!
Have a look at current temps Down Under at the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

Friend Teena mentioned on Sunday that it actually snowed about 10 minutes distance from Sydney. That she was one chilly possum goes without saying.

A quick glance at the weather forecast maps shows that the only warm spot for tourists this July is in Far North Queensland or Darwin. And best of all, it's not stinger season (November to May) so you can swim with abandon (just keep watch for sharks and other critters).

Actually this fall-winter (March-July in Australia) has been much colder than normal, as far as I can remember from tracking the weather there for the past 10 years or so. And I did read a news report saying that Antarctica was having its coldest weather in years!

Buenos Aires Argentina, too, has been having a very chilly time of it, with similar temperatures this winter. But down south in Ushuaia, they must be skiiing up a storm! Me? If I were to travel to Argentina, Chile or Australia, I'd wait for spring .

It's hard to know what to pack for trips to places where part of the country is hot, and part is snow and ice, and part is somewhere in between. Look at your itinerary, and let that guide you.

If you will only be spending a few days in Sydney before heading up to Cairns and north in Queensland, likely a wind proof rain jacket and fleece liner may be enough to keep you comfy.

Similarly, if you are planning to visit Buenos Aires and head up to Iguazu and on to Rio, then the same outerwear should see you through. Toss in some gloves, hat and a scarf and you are good to go. Look for more travel packing tips on my main web site.

But if you are a skier, and are looking to try the slopes in the souther hemisphere, then pack your ski gear and book your ticket. It's a great year for it!