Saturday, July 01, 2006

Health Rx :: Travel More!

According to an article in the Washington Post, reprinted in today's Toronto Star Careers section, vacationing is becoming a lost art.

One in four North Americans, it claims, are planning to work while on vacation this year. Along with their sunscreen and bathing suits, they tote their cell phones and laptops. Asks the author, Amy Joyce, "So is it still considered a vacation? Or are you just working from a prettier office?"

The point is argued that, given a total rest from work and a chance to recharge your batteries, you return less stressed and more productive. That the survey was conducted by a major travel supplier is not surprising.

But I can see their point :: Though I plan like mad for my time away, once I am on that plane, home, work and worries evaporate. Whatever happens back home is out of my hands. And that feeling of total lack of care is worth the price of any trip.

For my pre-travel routines and tips, see Before You Go and What to Pack. You'll notice there's not a cell phone nor laptop to be found.

Happy Canada Day!