Thursday, September 16, 2010

Doors Open Mississauga Port Credit 2010

Port Credit locations Open Doors Saturday, September 18, 2010, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

[Doors Open Mississauga 2011 is Saturday October 1 - same hours!]

Weekends are busy times in Port Credit, with major festivals or a series of smaller events taking place from June until October, a dizzying array of fun events from Canada Day, Waterfront, Busker and Jazz festivals, to boat shows, Art Walks and Studio Tours, Farmers Markets and a whole lot more that don't immediately come to mind :-)

This weekend -- September 18 -- is no exception: Port Credit venues are throwing their Doors Open for one day only on the same day the Great Canada Salmon Derby has its finale Lake Ontario fish-off and prize presentation at Saddington Park.

Here's a list of Doors Open Mississauga:

Landmark Lighthouse Port Credit - Doors Open Saturday
The lighthouse (Lakeshore Road West of the Credit River) is home to the Port Credit BIA (Business Improvement Assn.) and the hub of much fun and BBQs and more year round. The Lighthouse is Number 14 on the map, graphic below.

Map Doors Open Mississauga 2010
This is a map graphic showing all venues for the 2010 Doors Open. As the original is a PDF file, I took a screenshot to be able to show it here and for the key to the venues below. (We all know how annoying PDFs are to download. Just put up an html page, please!) In any event, the link to the full PDF file is at the bottom of this post so you can download if you want.

Doors Open Mississauga - What the Numbers on the Map Mean

Here's the schematic to understand what the venues are, with address information listed.

Number 15 is the Riverwood Conservancy (pictures etc here), and that's worth a good look! On my first Doors Open Mississauga, I toured the Number 6 the Freedom Center, just west of the Lighthouse. It's an interesting place, for sure. And I may go through the Masonic Temple  - Number 13.

New to me is a residence a few blocks from there -- Number 17 on the map,  at 46 Bay Street -- and that sounds like a good door to open! Port Credit has a number of historic  homes in this area just west and south of the Lighthouse, so plan to go walkabout if you are here.

And should you notice a few hundred people of the fishing variety at Saddington Park, that's the windup BBQ and awards for the Great Ontario Salmon Derby!

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Salmon Fishing, Electrofishing, Racing Pigeon : Mississauga Ontario Canada Videos

This summer I've taken a few videos of the Port Credit area of Mississauga Ontario Canada: Salmon Fishing, Electro Fishing, a Canadian Racing Pigeon as well as a Busker at Buskerfest.

Have a look, leave a comment, or post a video reply on my YouTube Channel (right menu).

Here's the salmon fishing video I took early evening at Saddington Park in Port Credit. This fisherman and his friend did an admirable job of landing this salmon, and keeping it fresh and cold until they left for home.

Here's a short video of a racing pigeon who stopped by my balcony in (Port Credit Mississauga) for rest and recuperation before heading back home, as he was trained to do.

Electrofishing (Ontario) was a new concept for me. When I saw this boat and a whole lot of people on the Credit River one evening, I shot first, asked questions later :-) Here's the video of the electrofishing boat and crew at work.

This weekend, I'll see if I can get some videos at the Southside Shuffle Blues and Jazzfest here in Port Credit. This is the last big event / festival of the season, though smaller events to mark Port Credit's 175 birthday continue to the end of the year.