Sunday, April 27, 2008

Port Credit Ontario Waterfront Marina Pictures

Though the Port Credit waterfront is still quiet in late April, I'm looking forward to the summertime fun and festivals. I took these pictures when I was walking along Port Street west of the Credit River.

This picture shows two local businesses. One is Mason's Chandlery - The Store for Marine supplies that was having an open house to mark 30 years in business. (See for details) Though I don't have a boat, and am not likely to get one, I still enjoy browsing as The Store has many items that appeal to everyone.

The other business is Lake Affect, a restaurant (dark square area in picture). I've not eaten in the restaurant, though I did sample the chili at the Great Chili cook-off last September (at least I think it was September.) This address is 1 Port Street: How cool is that?

Just a few steps east along Port Street brings you face to face with the Port Credit Harbour Marina. The very active Port Credit Business Association has a full list of all marine-type businesses in the area.I'm always surprised to see how many there are! See for the full list.
Still east of the Credit river, this Canada Goose posed in the last (so far!) of the snow, with Snug Harbour restaurant in the background. Snug Harbour is another favourite spot to sit and watch all the harbour activities. I usually walk to get here, but there is free parking around the back. From Lakeshore Road, turn south (towards the lake) on Stavebank -- and Stavebank is the first street on the east side of the bridge over the Credit River.